8+ Best Duolingo Writing Tips

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Duolingo Writing Tips

Duolingo English Test (DET) is a popular English language test taken by students wanting to study abroad. The examination assesses a candidate’s reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills. More than 4000 institutions accept the Duolingo test results. The results of this examination help students to study at popular universities. Therefore, it is important to prepare well for the DET. The writing section can be complicated for some students. Hence in this blog, we have provided some of the best Duolingo writing tips.


What are the Different Types of Writing Questions on the DET?

DET tests a candidate’s writing skills as well. The types of writing questions asked on the DET are as follows:

  • Adaptive Question (write about a photo)- Under the adaptive section, there will be a question where the candidate will be asked to write about a photo. 
  • Adaptive Question (Read and write)- the candidate must answer the question in 50 words. 
  • Writing sample- This is the last section of the Duolingo examination. It will take approximately 3-5 minutes to respond to this question. Two themes will be given and a candidate will have to write on one of the topics.

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8 Ways to Improve Your Writing Skills for the DET

Duolingo writing tips can help a test taker prepare well for the examination. Here are some of the best Duolingo writing tips that a student can implement.

  1. Start reading high-quality English content. For example, English newspapers, and publications 
  2. Get to know the essay format and practice writing essays in paragraphs
  3. Solve sample papers to get a hang of the writing questions asked in the exam
  4. Create grammatically correct statements in the examination.
  5. While taking the writing test make sure that you are not repeating the same words. Moreover, it is best to use high-level vocabulary if you have excellent language skills
  6. Maintain a formal writing style while answering the questions
  7. Read the question carefully before answering to make sure that you understand the question well and are not missing any important words
  8. The writing task can consume time. Hence, practice the sample papers well and learn to manage your time.

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Duolingo Writing Tips for Each Question Type

Here we have provided some important Duolingo writing tips that will help the test taker. The Duolingo writing tips for each question type are as follows:

Question type- Describe a Photo 

This question can appear 3 times on the test. In this question, it is important that the candidates understand the question. Approximately 60 seconds are given to answer the question. Duolingo writing tips- Be descriptive in your writing, make a guess for the right answer on the basis of the clues provided, and leave time to check for errors.

Question type – Argumentative

Approximately, 5 minutes will be allotted to answer the question. Candidates will have to answer in 50 words or less.  Duolingo writing tips- To answer an argumentative question, organize the answer using the PEE (Points, evidence, and evaluation) method. Do note that although arguments are made in the present tense while making predictions the sentence will shift to a future test. It is important to use strong effective adjectives while answering the question.

Question type- Topic is given to write (Recount)

This type of question will only be asked once. The answer has to be written in 50 words or less within 5 minutes. The aim of the question is to remind the reader of an event of their knowledge. Duolingo writing tips: organize the answer on the basis of the topic, and supporting ideas that you have. Make sure that the answers are written in past tense.

Question type- A topic is given to describe 

Duolingo writing tips- Answer the question by organizing your answer in terms of topic sentence, supporting idea, and concluding sentences.  It is important to use the personal pronouns little. Use nouns and mourn phases instead. Action verbs can also be used to answer the question.

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1. How do I prepare for a Duolingo writing test?

To prepare for the DET students can- listen to a sentence and answer it correctly. It is also best to record the reading answers aloud. Answer the question by describing the image in detail.

2. What are the rules for writing on Duolingo?

It is important to write the answers in 50 words within 5 minutes. Candidates can write 100 words instead of 50 words in the sample answers to demonstrate their vocabulary.

3. Can I write Duolingo 3 times in a month?

Students cannot take the Duolingo to test more than 2 times in 30 days. Overall, students can take the examination as many times as they want.

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