Know Every Important Detail About The European Visa Success Rate

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european visa success rate

European countries welcome foreign nationals for many reasons, there are thousands of travellers travelling in and out of European countries for reasons like study, work, tourism, business, etc. The first step into entering a European country is getting a visa. Getting a visa is not that simple. Many times a visa also gets rejected and so does your trip. To avoid such situations it is very important to know all the details before applying for a visa. Through this blog, you will get to know everything about the European visa success rate which will help you make a strong application. 

The European Visa Success Rate different European countries 

Europe has a lot of different countries coming under it and the visa differs for each country and so are the visa statistics. Generally, the rejection rate of the visa for all European countries falls between 10-20% however it differs for all the countries. 

european visa success rate

The countries can be segregated based on the level of success rate as follows:

Countries with high success rate

Countries like Luxembourg (around 98.2% success rate), Slovakia (around 97.5% success rate), and Slovenia (around 94% success rate) have very high success rates

Countries with a moderate success rate 

Countries like Germany (around 84% success rate), Greece (around 88% success rate), and Italy (around 88% success rate) have moderate success rates.

Countries with low success rate

Countries like Malta (around 64% success rate), Sweden (around 71% success rate), and France (around 78% success rate) have lower success rates due to stricter requirements.

The countries with a very high success rate have very low rejection rates and vice versa. Both success and rejection rates depend upon the rules and regulations of the country.

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Ways To Improve The European Visa Success Rate

The following are the ways in which you can improve your success rate of the European visa:

  • Research: The first step in improving the success rate is to research the rules and regulations properly. Each country has specific rules and requirements. Make sure you are applying with the correct documents and providing all the necessary documents and other things that are asked for. 
  • Start early: The processing time for each country and each visa varies. One of the reasons for visa rejection is the late submission of the application. It is better not to wait till the last moment and apply as early as you can to get your visa approved.
  • English language proficiency: Make sure if one of the requirements of the visa is language proficiency then you meet the requirement. If you do not, take your time, get yourself prepared and apply for the visa only after making sure you are proficient in the English language as asked.
  • Proof of funds: It is necessary to have sufficient funds if you are travelling to some country. You need to provide strong proof showing the availability of sufficient funds in your account that can sustain a lifestyle for your stay in the country. This will help your visa approval.
  • Be accurate and precise: Be correct in whatever you submit. Do not submit any excessive documents. If you have to write a cover letter, be accurate and precise with your information. Provide the itinerary as required.
  • Show belongingness to your country: It is very important to show that you have some belongingness and ties in your country. You must have some family members, property or something to come back to. This will show your intent to come back to your country and help your visa approval.
  • Consider a visa consultancy: It is a very good option to consult a renowned visa consultancy if you want to increase your chances of getting the visa approved. The consultants know well about all the right and wrong things to get visa approval. They make the arrangements in a way that increases your visa success rate chance higher. 

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Chances Of European Visa Success Rate After Refusal

The chances of the success rate of a visa after once rejected are very low as the application is very precisely handled. A previous rejection can cause you issues in future visa applications too. However, you can consider the following ways and improve your chances of your visa approval:

  • Make sure you have understood the visa rejection reason correctly and made the improvement. If you have not corrected the issue your application will be again rejected. Addressing the correct issue will help in visa approval.
  • Make sure you know about the country’s rules as some countries make the rules and process even stricter after once rejected.
  • Clearly mention the reason for your previous visa rejection and that you have solved the issue.
  • A well-prepared application with a clear explanation can overcome the rejection chance. 

Appling European Visa After Rejection

Following is the application process for a European visa after your visa has been rejected once:

  • The first step in the application is to understand the visa rejection reason. If you have understood the reason for rejection, only then the correction can be made, because if the correction is not made then the application will once again get rejected. So understand, analyze, make corrections and only then go for the reapplication.
  • Then make a strong visa application with the corrections.
  • Make sure you explain the visa rejection and correction reason correctly.
  • Wait for the correct time and make a new application on the site or through the embassy
  • Submit the documents as asked including passport and cover letter
  • Go for the interview if asked depending upon visa type and country
  • Pay the visa application fee and you are set to go if a visa is accepted
  • It is good to consult a consultant if you think your chances of approval are low for whichever reason and take help in the process.

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What is the rejection rate of a European visa? 

The rejection rate of a European visa for most European countries lies between 10 to 20%. However, the statistics differ from country to country. 

Which European country has the lowest rejection rate and the highest success rate of visa applicants?

The country Luxembourg has the lowest rejection rate and the highest success rate. The success rate for the country Luxembourg is 98%. 

What is the major part of getting your visa success chance higher after one rejection?

You have to understand the rejection reason for the visa before making a new application. It is very important to correctly analyze, understand and make the correction or fulfill the requirement if you want the visa to be accepted in the next application. 

We hope you understand everything about the European visa success rate. Want to apply for a Visa for your study abroad journey? Drop us a comment in the section below, or you can connect with a visa expert at Leverage Edu, and we will guide you on your dream journey!

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