9+ Antonyms of Significant, with Meaning & Examples

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Significant Antonyms

Significance often implies that something is noteworthy or carries weight in terms of its impact, value, or meaning. It is not trivial or inconsequential. Some antonyms of significant are minor, trivial, unworthy, irrelevant etc. Read the blog article below and find all the details related to antonyms, the meaning of significant and examples.

Meaning of Significant

The term “significant” is used to describe something that is important, meaningful, or having a notable impact or influence. When something is considered significant, it stands out or holds significance in a particular context or situation.

Antonyms of Significant

The antonyms convey the idea that something is not noteworthy, impactful, or relevant, which is the opposite of being “significant.” Check the lists given below:

  1. Insignificant
  2. Meaningless
  3. Irrelevant
  4. Trivial
  5. Minor
  6. Unremarkable
  7. Irrelevant
  8. Inconsequential
  9. Unimportant
  10. Unworthy

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Usage with Examples

The antonyms of “significant” are words that represent the opposite meaning or convey the idea of insignificance, unimportance, or triviality. Here are some antonyms of “significant” along with sentence examples:

  • The typo in the report was relatively insignificant and did not affect the overall message.
  • The discussion about what to have for lunch seemed trivial in the context of the important meeting.
  • The minor cosmetic issues with the product did not deter customers from buying it.
  • The speaker’s comments about unrelated topics were seen as irrelevant to the discussion.
  • While the issue was not entirely unimportant, it didn’t require immediate attention

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Significant Antonyms Quiz

Choose the correct antonym of significant from the below listed examples:

  • Meaningless
  • Worthy
  • Admirable

Answer: Meaningless

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