15 Best ‘So That’ Conjunction Examples in Sentences 

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‘He came to the birthday party so that he could get some time with his son.’ In this English grammar sentence, the ‘so that’ conjunction is used to signify a purpose or reason. These connecting words are included in one of the many types of conjunction you would frequently use in the English language. Keep reading this blog to understand why the ‘so that’ conjunction examples are used in sentences. 

Meaning of ‘So That’ Conjunction

‘So that’ as a conjunction is used in sentences to indicate the purpose or reason behind an action. It is also used to express the explanation behind why a particular action or event took place. 

Here are some examples of how ‘so that’ is used in sentences which will give you a better understanding. 

So that conjunction examples

Usage of ‘So That’ Conjunction

The word ‘so that’ will fall under subordinating conjunction. In this, a subordinate clause is introduced which explains the purpose or result of the action in the main clause. Moreover, these conjunctions join dependent clauses to independent clauses. This provides a relationship between them. Some common examples of subordinating conjunctions are unless, if, since, after, although, because, before and several others. 

15 ‘So That’ Conjunction Examples in Sentences

Below are some examples of ‘so that’ which will help you provide a basic understanding of this conjunction. 

1She turned up the volume so that she could hear the music better.
2He worked overtime so that he could save money for his vacation.
3They installed security cameras so that they could monitor the premises at all times.
4She wrote a to-do list so that she wouldn’t forget any important tasks.
5He bought a new laptop so that he could work more efficiently.
6They set their alarm clocks early so that they wouldn’t be late for their flight.
7She watered the plants regularly so that they would stay healthy.
8He wore a raincoat so that he wouldn’t get wet in the rain.
9They booked a table at the restaurant in advance so that they would have a guaranteed spot.
10She studied diligently so that she could achieve good grades in her exams.
11She turned off the lights so that everyone could sleep peacefully.
12He worked extra hours at his job so that he could afford to go on vacation.
13They set up a meeting so that they could discuss the project in detail.
14The team practised diligently so that they would be well-prepared for the championship match.
15She packed her umbrella so that it wouldn’t get wet if it rained.

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What is the rule of ‘so that’?

The conjunction ‘so that’ is used to introduce clauses of reason and explanation. 

What type of conjunction is ‘so that’?

The word ‘so that’ falls under subordinating conjunction.

What is an example sentence of ‘so that’?

Here is an example sentence of ‘so that’: He turned off the TV so that his son could sleep peacefully.

We hope this blog provided you with all the necessary information on ‘so that’ conjunction examples. To advance your grammar knowledge and read more informative blogs, check out our Learn English page and don’t forget to follow Leverage Edu.

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