Walking On Air Meaning, Synonyms, Examples

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walking on air meaning

Whenever someone is really happy about something, we describe them as they might be “walking on air”. The idiom refers to a person being extremely happy and excited. It is a metaphor that compares feeling joyful to floating or flying. 

People usually use this idiom when they experience something wonderful or achieve something important. For example, you might say “I was walking on air when I got accepted to my dream university”. This idiom has been used since the late 1800s and is still common today.

Usage With Examples

Here’s how you can use this idiom in a sentence correctly:

  1. He was walking on air when he won the lottery and quit his job.
  2. She was walking on air after she gave birth to her healthy baby girl.
  3. They were walking on air when they finally graduated from college and got their diplomas.

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Synonyms and Similar Words

Given below are some words and phrases having the same meaning as the above idiom:

  1. Be on cloud nine: It comes from the idea that clouds are high in the sky and that cloud nine is the highest and most pleasant one. For example, “She was on cloud nine when she got her promotion”.
  2. Be over the moon: It comes from the idea that the moon is far away and beyond reach and that being over it is a sign of great achievement or joy. For example, “He was over the moon when he passed his exam”.
  3. Be in seventh heaven: It comes from the ancient belief that there are seven levels of heaven and that the seventh one is the highest and most glorious one. For example, “She was in seventh heaven when she met her favourite actor”.
  4. Be ecstatic: It comes from the Greek word “ekstasis”, which means “to stand outside oneself”. It implies a feeling of being overwhelmed by emotion or passion. For example, “He was ecstatic when he scored the winning goal”.
  5. Be euphoric: It comes from the Greek word “euphoria”, which means “a state of well-being”. It implies a feeling of being in a high or elevated mood. For example, “She was euphoric when she finished her novel”.

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Walking on Air Quiz

Choose the correct option to complete the sentence using the idiom “walking on air”.

She was _________ when she received the scholarship for her dream college.

A) walking on air B) walking on water C) walking on fire D) walking on ice

The correct answer is A) walking on air. 

We hope this blog helped you understand the meaning of the idiom “walking on air”, how to use it in a sentence, and related words and phrases to it. To explore more idioms like this, keep following Leverage Edu.

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