To Kick the Bucket Meaning, Usage With Example

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To kick the bucket

The idiom ‘To kick the bucket’ meaning is to die or pass away. This term has a humorous reference or euphemistic way to highlight someone’s death. The origin of this term comes from a combination of several old expressions related to death, such as ‘kick the beam’ and ‘kick the pot.’

These terms refer to someone dying while standing on a pot or standing on a beam. With time, these phrases have merged into a more common term, ‘kick the bucket.’

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Usage With Example

This phrase refers to an informal sense and is used to add a little sombre tone about someone’s death, especially during a conversation. For example, ‘She finally kicked the bucket’ means that the person has died. Before using this term, make sure that it is related to someone’s death and is sensitive to the context and feelings of those who might be affected by conversations about deaths.

Here are some examples where this phrase has been used, giving you the opportunity to learn how to use it appropriately.

  • ‘I want to travel the world before I kick the bucket.’
  • ‘Her grandmother was 86 when she kicked the bucket.’
  • ‘Lata Ji was regarded as one of the best singers of all time before she kicked the bucket.’
  • ‘It’s hard to believe that Mr Kumar kicked the bucket. He was only 63 years old.’
  • ‘My grandfather used to do gardening daily before he kicked the bucket.’

To Kick the Bucket Synonyms

The term ‘to kick the bucket’ has a lot of similar words and synonyms that can be used in different contexts and aspects of life. Here are some of the popular synonyms for this phrase that you can consider.

  • Check out
  • Pass away
  • Perish
  • Step Out
  • Pass (on)

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To Kick the Bucket Quiz

I want to fulfil all my dreams before I kick the bucket because

  1. I want my life to be meaningful
  2. I haven’t planned my future year
  3. I rely on my father for financial support

Ans. I want my life to be meaningful.

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