Let Someone Off the Hook Meaning, Examples, Synonyms

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Let someone off the hook

The idiom let someone off the hook simply means getting someone out of an unpleasant situation. Therefore, one can attribute this idiom to a fancy metaphor for rescuing someone from an awkward moment or situation. 

When you let someone off the hook it means that you have saved them from an uneasy circumstance. This idiom is used to talk of someone’s situation who needs to be helped when they have no options left. 

Also, people often trace back the origin of this phrase to a fishing hook. When someone lets a fish off the hook, only then they can help the fish caught on a hook. The fish till then is in an unpleasant and uneasy situation. Hence, the idiom derived its meaning. 

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Usage with Examples

This idiom can have multiple emotions attached to it based on the scenario it is being used in. For example, it is used to signify a rescue. 

One can use that rescue to signify forgiving a culprit or letting go of a crime or punishment, or to rescue someone from an unpleasant or difficult situation in a friendly manner.

Here are some examples of how you can use the idiom let someone off the hook; 

  1. The teacher let him off the hook when he found his classmates pulling his leg. 
  2. The deer kid was let off the hook as the lion spotted a boar nearby. 
  3. For the number of times he does the same mistakes, he is let off the hook too easily. 
  4. Every now and then we see criminals getting off the hook, and no one dares to complain. 

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Synonyms and Similar Words to Let Someone Off the Hook

Mentioned below are some synonyms and related words to let someone off the hook:

  • Freed
  • Exonerated
  • Vindicated
  • Absolved
  • Let off 
  • Exempted
  • Wipe the slate clean
  • Spare

Let Someone Off the Hook Quiz

He _____________ just to let himself off the hook. 

  1. Died
  2. Prayed
  3. Lied

Ans. Lied

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