Beyond the Pale Meaning, Examples and Synonyms

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beyond the pale meaning

The meaning of the idiom Beyond the Pale is outside the limits of tolerable behaviour. It is referred to as something that is unacceptable and improper beyond the limit of tolerance. 

When you say someone’s behaviour is beyond the pale you judge their behaviour as offensive and immoral. The phrase is often used in modern-day to talk about those who cross boundaries with others. 

The origin of the word Pale is the same as that of Palisade. It represents fencing or a boundary whose metaphorical sense is utilised in the phrase. Beyond the Pale hence becomes beyond the limits or acceptable boundaries. 

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Usage with Examples

The usage of this idiom is vast and across various genres. That is why you can use this phrase in casual as well as formal arrangements. It is used in reference to a person’s behaviour and is often followed by the behaviour in discussion. 

The sentence it is used in symbolises disappointment and disagreement towards a particular behaviour carried out by one or more people. The idiom is usable in an angry tone, disappointing tone or criticising tone. 

Here are some examples of how you can use the idiom beyond the pale in your daily life. 

  • She went beyond the pale the moment she raised his voice before his seniors. 
  • Using abusive words for my family was absolutely beyond the pale. 
  • His rudeness is often beyond the pale. 
  • A few bottles down and they all get beyond the pale. 

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Synonyms and Similar Words to Beyond the Pale

Here are some words and phrases that mean the same as Beyond the Pale. 

  • Unacceptable
  • Unseemly
  • Deplorable
  • DIsgraceful
  • Intolerable
  • Out of order
  • Out of line
  • Over the fence
  • Not quite the thing

Beyond the Pale Meaning Quiz

There is no point in arguing with him, he goes beyond the pale______. 

  1. With the slightest criticism.
  2. To get some water.
  3. And never listens.

Ans. With the slightest criticism.

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