Proverbs About Silence: A Secret Power Within You

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Proverbs About Silence

Proverbs about silence can give you lessons of life that are motivating and tell you the importance of it. Silence means that no sound is produced or the total absence of sound. The silent person does not speak any word but there is some reason for them to be silent. 

Silence is that secret power that you can use when you are angry, feeling frustrated, and about to speak something bad. It just feels great to be silent without expressing your anger, frustration, and agitation. The person who knows how to control your anger and remain silent in this situation has understood a way of improving mental health. In the blog, we will discuss the Proverbs about silence with meaning that will help you understand its importance.

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Common English Proverbs About Silence

English Proverbs are famous sayings that have some motivation in them. They are made by the experiences gained by some great people who went through different phases of life. English Proverbs about silence provide us so many lessons about life explaining how lack of communication can be beneficial. The famous sayings always have something for humanity that teaches them to be better and learn from mistakes. Here are five English proverbs about silence that will explain to you its importance in life.

Proverbs Meaning in English
A man must suffer in silence.The African proverbs explain that men do not show their emotions; they just suffer in silence. They keep things inside and hide their emotions from the world. 
The fruit of silence is tranquillity. The Arabian Proverb provides the idea that if you want to achieve peace and tranquility in life then you must learn to be silent. Being in silence keeps us away from the noise and everyday busy life. 
Noble deeds are done in silence.The good work should be done in silence without letting anybody know. It emphasizes helping others without any profit. The kind and helpful acts should be done in silence without boasting about it.
A judge and a stomach do their asking in silence.The proverb implies that both the judge and the stomach work well in silence. The stomach knows when there is a need for food without letting anybody know. Similarly, the judge makes decisions in silence as people have to accept it whether it is wrong or right.
The silence of the people is a warning for the king. The silence of the people is not good for the king as it suggests rebellion, dissatisfaction, and loss of faith in the king’s decision. When the people are silent then something is going in their mind as they want the change in power.

5+ Proverbs About Silence With Explanation

Proverbs about silence are motivational quotes that provide knowledge about it and how it helps people. They are the learnings of the past that tell people to understand the importance of silence as well as its benefits and drawbacks. Silence represents different types of signs such as authority, respect, strength, and wisdom. Here are some proverbs about silence that explain its meaning and the learnings it provides.

Saying well causes a laugh; doing well produces silence. 

Proverbs About Silence

The French Proverb puts forward a great observation about human behaviour that saying witty things causes a laugh. However, achieving success will lead to jealousy and hate for the person leading to silence. You can receive a positive reaction such as a laugh for the joke you have cracked which will not happen when you accomplish something. 

We must have reasons for speech but we need none for silence. 

We must have reasons for speech but we need none for silence.

The French Proverb tells us that there are several reasons that people have for speech. However, there is nothing we require to be silent. The silence allows us to listen, process our inner thoughts, and avoid unnecessary interruptions. It is crucial to take a moment of silence to think before you speak as it helps in conveying your message more accurately and correctly.

He who would prosper in peace, must suffer in silence.

Proverbs about silence

The German Proverb refers to an important aspect of success. It explains that working in silence to achieve your goals leads to success. Achieving the goals provides the peace for which you have been working for years. The person who works silently towards their goals without telling anybody someday achieves it. 

When the big drum is sounded the small drums keep silence.

Proverbs about silence

The African Proverb gives a deep message that when the big leaders or people speak the small people keep themselves silent and just listen to them. When the person in power speaks, the followers of him just listen and follow his orders. The proverbs explain that the authority in power is listened to by everyone. Some show respect by listening to the great person who is in a higher position as he talks about the benefits of the people.

Silence is the best answer to the stupid. The fool has his answer on the tip of his tongue.

Silence is the best answer to the stupid. The fool has his answer on the tip of his tongue.

The Arab Proverb explains that it’s better to be silent when a fool is doing foolish things or talking foolishly. If you engage in an argument with the fool then you will fall to its level and there is no difference between you and him. Silence is a better way where you maintain your dignity than facing negativity.

Speech is silver, but silence is golden. 

Proverbs about silence

The Danish Proverb is an important proverb about silence explaining the importance of it. It is considered to be better than speaking as if the silence is used at the right place then it can be as precious as gold. However, speech is important as the words have value, and speaking good things can motivate others and help in creating a better conversation.

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