Pipe Down Meaning, Usage With Examples

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Pipe Down

The idiom ‘pipe down’ meaning is to become silent, quiet, stop talking or reduce noise. This term is used in a somewhat informal way, where a person is asking someone to calm down or be quiet. 

If someone talks loudly or is disruptive, then this phrase can be used to pipe down the person who’s making the noise. By using this term, one can ask for silence or to decrease the level of noise.

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Usage With Examples

The term ‘Pipe Down’ is mostly used in an informal way, such as in day-to-day conversations, where someone wants another person or a group of people to reduce their noise or be quiet. Here are some examples using this term which will give you in-depth information about this term.

  • ‘The teacher asked the children to pipe down so that she can start the new chapter.’
  • ‘The event organiser requested everyone to pipe down as the performance was about to start.’
  • ‘The reporter requested the politicians to pipe down during the heated argument so that they can discuss the agenda calmly.’
  • ‘She asked her father to pipe down the TV as she was studying for her exams.’
  • ‘The manager asked the team members to pipe down so that they can discuss the next project.’

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Pipe Down Meaning Similar Words and Synonyms

The term pipe down has a lot of similar words and synonyms that can be used in different aspects of life. Here are some of the popular synonyms for this phrase.

  • Silence, please
  • Quiet down
  • Keep it down
  • Hold one’s tongue
  • Button up

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Pipe Down Quiz

The librarian asked everyone to pipe down as others were

  1. Studying
  2. Watching movies
  3. Hanging out there

Ans. Studying.

This was all about the idiom pipe down meaning with examples. Hope you understood the concept where it’s used. For more such blogs, follow Leverage Edu.

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