9+ Antonyms of Notion, with Meaning & Examples

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Notion Antonyms

The word notion can be understood as something which is mainly based on assumption or concept. Some common antonyms of notion are reality, facts, truth, actuality certainty etc. The blog article below will give all the relevant information regarding the meaning and antonyms of notion with their examples.

Meaning of Notion

A notion refers to a vague or general understanding or concept of something, often based on perception, intuition, or a preliminary understanding. It’s usually not a well-defined or thoroughly researched concept but rather a casual or informal idea. Example: She had a notion that the new restaurant in town served excellent food, but she hadn’t tried it herself yet

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Antonyms of Notion

Listed below are some common antonyms of notion for your reference.

  1. Reality
  2. Fact
  3. Truth
  4. Actuality
  5. Certainty
  6. Evidence
  7. Knowledge
  8. Speculative
  9. Concrete Understanding
  10. Misconception
  11. Delusion

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Usage with Examples

Below are some antonyms of the word “notion” along with sentence examples:

  • His notion about the conspiracy was based on rumors rather than concrete facts.
  • Without proper education, her notions about history were often inaccurate.
  • Her notion of becoming a famous actress was far from the harsh reality of struggling to find roles.
  • It’s important to base your decisions on factual information rather than unfounded notions.
  • There was a sense of uncertainty surrounding her notions, as they were purely speculative.

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Antonyms of Notion Quiz

Pick the correct antonym for notion from the options given below:

  • Choice
  • Reality
  • Popular

Answer: Reality

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