What is the Abstract Noun of Fail? Check Meaning & Examples

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The abstract noun of ‘fail’ is ‘failure’ which has several different meanings but they all centre around one idea, something that is not working out according to a plan. Some of the synonyms that can be related to this word are flop, collapse, malfunction, breakdown, fiasco, washout and many others that you will come across. To find more information about the noun ‘failure’, its meaning, synonyms and much more. Make sure you continue reading this blog post. 

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What is the Abstract Noun of Fail? – Meaning

Now, that you know that the abstract noun of ‘fail’ is ‘failure’. This word comes with several meanings depending on the circumstances. One of the most common meanings is ‘lack of success’ which refers to not achieving a goal or desired outcome. Another most common meaning is, ‘not working properly’ which refers to machines, systems, or even parts of the body. 

The word “failure” traces its roots back to Old French. It’s interesting to note that the noun form of “failure” emerged quite late, around the 1640s. Before that, the concept was expressed through the verb “to fail.”

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Synonyms of Abstract Noun of Fail

After knowing the meaning of this abstract noun of ‘fail’, here are some synonyms for it that you can use in place of this word and will help you improve your English vocabulary

Synonyms of ValuableSynonyms of Problems
Synonyms of InterestingSynonyms of Technology
Synonyms of FurtherSynonyms of Destroy

Pictures of Abstract Noun of Fail

If you are still on the lookout for similar words for the noun of ‘fail’ i.e. ‘failure’, then you must check out this picture which enlists more synonyms. These synonyms will be helpful for you in writing. You can save and download this picture and keep it for future reference. 

synonyms of fail

Examples of Fail in Sentences

After understanding the meaning and synonyms of the word fail and its noun form. It’s now time to find out how this word can be used in sentences that we have listed below for you. After, going through these, you will get an idea of how you can create sentences. 

  • She practised her speech all week, but still failed her presentation.
  • The key wouldn’t turn, and to his frustration, the lock failed.
  • With a sigh, the baker threw away the cake – it failed to rise.
  • Don’t worry if you fail the test at first, you can always retake it.
  • The team’s plan failed, forcing them to improvise a new strategy.

Noun Quiz

After acquiring all the knowledge on the noun of fail, we have compiled this short quiz which will help you check your knowledge. 

1. Which is the closest synonym for “failure” in the following sentence?

The new restaurant’s opening night was a total ___.

a) Success

b) Disappointment 

c) Improvement

d) Triumph

2. What is the part of speech for “failure” in the sentence “The machine’s repeated failures caused a production delay.”

a) Adjective

b) Verb

c) Adverb

d) Conjunction

3. The word “failure” originated in which language?

a) Old English

b) Old French

c) Latin

d) Greek

Check Your Answers

  1. Disappointment
  2. Verb
  3. Old French
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This was all about the “noun of fail: meaning, synonyms and examples.” Hopefully, you understand the concept and where it’s used. You can also follow Leverage Edu for more exciting and informative blogs.

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