Beat the Air Meaning, Usage With Examples, Synonyms

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Beat the air

The idiom beat the air meaning is to engage in a pointless or meaningless activity or action, to talk or argue without achieving any meaningful results or progress. It refers to someone’s efforts without the intention of effectiveness and productivity.

Imagine someone raising or hitting their arms in the air or trying to hit or achieve something but there is no target or object, which makes their actions ineffective and meaningless.

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Usage With Examples

Consider this example, ‘He is beating the air with a close-minded person to change his beliefs on secularism, but the person is continuously resisting without considering any arguments.’

Here are some more examples of this idiom, which will suggest how to use it appropriately in a sentence.

  • ‘Despite her passionate project, she felt like she was beating the air as nobody was interested in the cause.’
  • ‘Nandini was explaining the mathematics questions to her younger brother, but she felt like she was beating the air as he was not able to understand the formulas.’
  • ‘Students often feel like they are beating the air whenever the professor’s lectures are filled with technical jargon.’
  • ‘The politicians make promises without any firm goals, giving the impression that they just beat the air to win votes.’

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Beat the Air Meaning Synonyms and Similar Words

The idiom beat the air has a lot of similar words and synonyms that can be used in different situations and contexts. Here are some of the popular synonyms for this idiom:

  • Beating a dead dog
  • Beating a dead horse
  • Kicking a dead horse
  • Lost cause
  • Milking the bull

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Beat the Air Meaning Quiz

The athlete felt like he was beating the air as

  1. She did not have the proper equipment
  2. She was busy at home
  3. She forgot her post-workout meal

Ans – She did not have the proper equipment

This was all about the idiom beat the air meaning with its example and synonyms. Hope you understood the concept where it’s used. For more such blogs, follow Leverage Edu.

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