Love Makes the World Go Round Meaning, Examples, Synonyms

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Love makes the world go round(1)

The meaning of the idiom “love makes the world go round” is that life becomes better when people treat each other lovingly. This popular idiomatic expression represents the idea that love is that force of attraction that drives and sustains the entire human existence in the world. If we treat other people with love then, it forces a powerful and pervasive impact thus creating a beautiful experience. The idiom implies the significance of love in the lives of people for making it beautiful and fostering a sense of purpose and unity among all.

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Usage with Examples

“Love makes the world go round” is the popular saying that is used to showcase the importance of love in the world. It is that driving force which holds everyone together in this world. Without love no relationship prosper. It involves passion, care, respect, trust and many other feelings. It is the supreme force which is the key to happiness and sanity. When someone is in love then, he/she is able to feel immense happiness in life.

Mentioned below are some of the example of this idiom:

  • Small acts of ours could make the world go round, creating the atmosphere of positivity and compassion.
  • The NGO’s motto is to spread happiness as their belief is love makes the world go round.
  • Romeo and Juliet faced various challenges, but their love for each other makes the world go round, inspiring the entire human community.  

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Synonyms and Similar Words to “Love Makes The World Go Round”

Mentioned below are some of the synonyms and similar words to this idiom:

  • Love is the glue that holds the entire world together
  • Love makes the world worthwhile
  • Love is the key to happiness
  • Love is the foundation
  • Love is the universal language
  • Love is the driving force
  • Love lights up the world

Love Makes The World Go Round Meaning Quiz

Which of the following phrases is not the synonym of the idiom “love makes the world go round?”

  1. Love is round
  2. Love is the key
  3. Love is the glue that holds everyone together
  4. Love is the driving force

Ans: a. Love is round

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