5 Idioms for Clean to Add Sparkle in Your Vocabulary

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Idioms play an essential role in expressing oneself creatively. Infact, idioms are expressions that hold a figurative meaning, often different from the individual words’ literal interpretation. As a result, incorporating these colourful idioms for clean into your vocabulary will allow you to communicate with flair and fun. So, we will explore the five best idioms related to cleanliness with their meaning and example to sparkle your vocabulary. 

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Clean as a Whistle

When you say clean as a whistle that means there is no mark of residual. This idiom refers to something that is very clean, spotless, or tidy.

Example: Sarah’s house is always clean as a whistle; you won’t find a single speck of dust there.

Clean Bill of Health

The idiomatic phrase ‘Clean bill of health talks about a situation when someone receives a clean bill of health, it means they have been declared healthy, without any signs of illness.

Example: Despite being a bit under the weather last week, John visited the doctor and received a clean bill of health.

Clean Sweep

A clean sweep denotes a complete and thorough victory or success, leaving no competition or opposition.

Example: The team made a clean sweep during the tournament by winning all of their matches.

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Clean Slate

To start with a clean slate means to begin again or to disregard any previous mistakes or misdeeds.

Example: After apologising to his colleagues, Mark was determined to start with a clean slate and rebuild trust within the team.

Clean Up Your Act

The idiom Clean up your act advises someone to improve their behaviour or make positive changes in their life.

Example: After failing his classes, Peter realised it was time to clean up his act, study harder, and be more responsible.

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The idioms for clean featured here provide unique ways to express cleanliness, tidiness, and improvement. From describing a spotless and organised environment to encouraging personal growth, these idioms will undoubtedly add sparkle and charm to your vocabulary. To read more about idioms you can check our page at Leverage Edu.

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