Foot in the Door Meaning, Usage With Example, Synonyms

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Foot in the door

The idiom ‘foot in the door’ meaning is to persuade someone to agree to a request by first getting them to agree with a smaller and more manageable request. This idiom implies the idea that if someone initially agrees to a small request, they are more likely to continue their cooperation and agree with subsequent and larger requests.

The origin of this phrase comes from the image of a door-to-door salesperson who somehow gains initial compliance from a homeowner or any customer by getting their foot in the door, allowing the homeowner to listen to the sales ideas and potential to make a successful sale or purchase.

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Usage With Example

The phrase ‘Foot in the door’ technique should be used in ethical and responsible activities as it involves influencing other people’s behaviour and habits. This phrase can be used as an effective tool for encouraging positive actions, as it supports various causes and initiatives.

Here are some examples of this idiom which will give you ideas about how to use this technique effectively.

  • ‘He is more likely to succeed in the interview as soon as he sets his foot in the door.’
  • ‘The salesman was able to set his foot in the door of our neighbourhood, as he had a manipulative scheme.’
  • ‘He made a sale of $1000 as he set his foot in the door and used his communicative skills.’
  • ‘Political campaigns employ the foot-in-the-door technique to engage voters in their cause.’

Foot in the Door Synonyms and Similar Words

Foot in the Door has a lot of similar words and synonyms that can be used in various situations. Here are some of the frequently used synonyms for this idiom.

  • Opening wedge
  • First step
  • Point of entry
  • Means of access

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Foot in the Door Meaning Quiz

I put my foot in the door as the interviewer

  1. Asked about my skills
  2. Cracked a joke
  3. Asked me the names of important people in the country

Ans. Asked about my skills.

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