Come Up With Meaning, Examples, Synonyms

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Come up with meaning

To come up with simply means to produce something. Chiefly, the situation for the person in the discussion here is usually under pressure to produce results. 

If you come up with something that means that you have suggested an idea. All in all, it means to produce a plan or any kind of solution to a problem or situation. 

Though the literary origin of this word is not recorded, but it came up as a metaphor to denote solutions that originate under pressure. By and large, the solution could be a materialistic or non-materialistic thing. 

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Usage with Examples

The usage of the idiom ‘come up with’ can be in any setting. It is generally attributed to professional and formal environments rather than personal settings. 

Furthermore, it is considered to be a part of formal English to use the phrase ‘come up with’ in various settings. Therefore, the usage of the idiom is very common and can be heard in everyday conversations. 

While being used in a sentence, the idiom is followed by the idea and then the subject who brings forth the solution. If you come up with a solution that means you have thought of it or it was your plan. 

Here are some examples of how to use the idiom Come up with in your conversations. 

  • That woman can come up with a solution for every problem.   
  • Our teacher came up with a new teaching strategy today.
  • My nephew comes up with new mischief each time he visits.
  • Our team lead came up with a brilliant idea to cut the losses.    

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Synonyms and Similar Words to Come Up With

Here are words and phrases that mean the same thing as ‘Come up With’. 

  • Devise
  • Put Forward
  • Put on the table
  • Recommend
  • Adduce
  • Introduce
  • Stumble upon

Come Up With Meaning Quiz

Kids nowadays are so curious, you have to come up with _________.

  1. Ways to keep them under check. 
  2. New games to keep them engaged.
  3. Best ideas to avoid them

Ans: New games to keep them engaged. 

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This was all about the idiom get your act together meaning and examples. Hope you understood the concept where it’s used. For more such blogs, follow Leverage Edu.

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