Call It A Night Meaning, Example, Synonyms

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Call It A Night Meaning is to halt your evening or nighttime activities, typically in order to get ready for bed. It is usually when one is ready to go to bed or home at the very moment. The 1930s saw the introduction of the expression “call it a night,” which often refers to ending a leisure activity and retiring to bed. After a movie, dinner, party, or other social event, one may decide to call it a night.

Let’s dig deeper into the idiom’s meaning and understand its usage with the help of examples.

Usage with Examples

Given below are a few examples of the idiom:

  • I wanted to call it a night after we left the party, but Martha asked everyone back for coffee.
  • The band ultimately called it a night and left the stage following two encores.
  • We made the decision to call it a night and reconnoitre the next day.
  • Dean decided to call it a night because he was feeling very disoriented.
  • Probably best to call it a night.
  • But after this antics, we both became a little argumentative, so I thought we should call it a night.

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Synonyms and Similar Words

A few synonyms of the idiom are:

  • Call it a day
  • get some rest
  • hit the hay
  • catch some zs
  • couch a hogshead
  • fade off to sleep
  • Get off to sleep
  • grab some zs
  • have a nap
  • lie down to sleep
  • be asleep

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Meaning Quiz

They decided to call it a night after __________________.

  • dancing and enjoying the party for 5 hours straight.
  • The day
  • The evening

Answer: dancing and enjoying the party for 5 hours straight.

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