By Fits And Starts Idiom Meaning, Usage With Examples, Synonyms

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By fits and starts

‘By fits and starts’ idiom refers to something that happens or progresses intermittently, where its development is irregular or unpredictable. This phrase implies that progress is not smooth or continuous. Rather, it’s characterized by stops and starts, where there are ups and downs in the progression of activities or events.

If a person is working on a project but is not able to make consistent progress, then this phrase can be used. This suggests that the person’s efforts are not steady or consistent and are marked by irregular ups and downs, followed by periods of inaction.

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Usage With Examples

This phrase By fits and starts can be used in various ways and aspects of life. The usage of this term implies that there are irregular levels of progress and development, emphasizing their occurrence unpredictably and intermittently. Here are some examples of this idiom which will allow you to understand its usage in a better way.

  • ‘The musician’s creative process often unfolded by fits and starts, with times of intense inspiration tracks to setbacks.’
  • ‘His decision to follow a disciplined diet plan was characterized by fits and starts, as he struggled to stop consuming junk food.’
  • ‘The Government’s economic strategy did result in progress, but it faced several fits and starts at first before the recovery started.’
  • Due to bad weather, the construction project moved forward by fits and starts which affected the budget.’

By Fits And Starts Idiom Synonyms and Similar Words

The idiom ‘By fits and starts’ has a lot of similar words that can be used to replace it. Here are some of the common synonyms for this idiom that you can consider.

  • Sporadically
  • Irregularly 
  • On and off
  • Now and then
  • Intermittently 

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By Fits And Starts Idiom Quiz

The movie’s plot is developed by fits and starts, where there were

  1. Predictable situations
  2. Unexpected twists and turns
  3. Boring scenes

Ans. Unexpected twists and turns.

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This was all about by fits and starts idiom meaning and examples. Hope you understood the concept where it’s used. For more such blogs, follow Leverage Edu.

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