Care Killed The Cat Idiom Meaning, Examples, Synonyms

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Care Killed The Cat Idiom

Curiosity killed the cat or care killed the cat idiom, meaning too much worry can cause burden or tension. This phrase was used by Ben Jonson in 1598, in his city comedy title, “Every Man in His Humour”, and William Shakespeare also uses it in the late 16th century in his famous comedy work ‘Much Ado About Nothing’. This idiom is often used to alert someone for being too inquisitive about things that don’t even concern them. Thus, this idiomatic expression means that excessive curiosity is not good as it would lead to negative repercussions. 

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Usage with Examples

When someone is overly curious, inquisitive, or nosy and try to get into another’s matter which is not related to them, and can cause problems then, such persons are referred to by the idiom care killed the cat.

In this idiomatic expression, a person’s curiosity is compared with a cat’s curiosity. The word care is used instead of curiosity. The phrase serves as a warning to be cautious and restrained while pursuing information or investigating secrets.

Mentioned below are some example sentences of this idiom:

  • When I enquired Sheenu about why is she quitting the job, she replied with ‘care killed the cat.’
  • When Emily checked his boyfriend’s phone, Sarah suggested she be careful because ‘care killed the cat’, and she should respect his privacy otherwise it could lead to the end of her relationship.

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Synonyms and Similar Words to Care Killed The Cat Idiom

Mentioned below are some synonyms and similar words of the given idiom:

  • Don’t rock the boat
  • Better safe than sorry
  • Look before you leap
  • Mind your own business
  • Let sleeping dogs lie
  • Ignorance is bliss
  • Stay out of the woods
  • A closed mouth gathers no feet
  • Keep your nose out of it

Care Killed The Cat Idiom Meaning Quiz

What does Emily try to convey, when she was warning Sarah to be cautious when she was investigating her boyfriend’s phone?

  1. Care killed the cat
  2. Invade other’s privacy
  3. A penny of your thoughts

Ans: a. Not to investigate and doubt as “care killed the cat”

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