Hit the Books Meaning, Examples, Synonyms

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Hit the Books meaning

To hit the books means to study seriously or to focus on studies. This idiom is used to demonstrate the concentration that a person is going to invest while studying. 

This idiom can also be loosely translated to meanings like to start studying, to start reading books, studying very hard etc. Though the most commonly used explanation to date is the one mentioned initially. 

The origin of this idiom is hard to trace, it was first notably used in the 1900s. It came in use along with similar other idioms that start with ‘Hit the…’. The phrase is now very commonly used in day-to-day life. 

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Usage with Examples

In this phrase, the term ‘Hit the’ signifies the beginning of a task. The phrase is also used to justify the focus and intensity of the task being done. One can simply say ‘I am going to study’ but that does not make this task important. 

‘I am going to hit the books’, emphasizes the urgency and importance of the act. Loosely, one can understand that the idiom refers to ‘start studying seriously without any delay’. It can be used by a person for themselves or to refer to someone else. 

Usually, this idiom is used both in colloquial and formal scenarios. It can also be used both in positive and negative situations. Given below are some examples of how to use the idiom ‘hit the books’

  1. She arrives late from college and then hit the books to prepare for her SATs. 
  2. I am too tired right now, I am going to hit the books tomorrow for sure. 
  3. He hits the books a month before the exam and gets the top scores in all semesters. 
  4. Hit the books right now if you want to score well. 

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Synonyms and Similar Words to Hit the Books

Here are some phrases, idioms and words that mean the same as ‘Hit the books’: 

  • Crack a book
  • Heavy Booing
  • Mug up
  • Burn the midnight oil
  • Learn
  • Study with concentration
  • Bury oneself in 
  • Mull over

Hit the Books Meaning Quiz

She always hits the books, __________.

  1. When the exams are near
  2. Whenever she sees them
  3. While shopping

Ans. When the exams are near

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