Below The Belt Idiom Meaning, Examples, Synonyms

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below the belt idiom

Below the belt, idiom means to pass a disrespectful or unethical comment. Any comment or expression that could hurt someone’s emotions or sentiments means hitting below the belt. When anyone passes an unacceptable comment that reflects their inhuman characteristics. idiom could be used in formal as well as informal scenarios to describe a sensitive situation. The idiom originated from the boxing sport, where hitting below the belt is an illegal offense. Keep reading to know more!

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Usage with Examples

Inappropriate comment, behavior, slang, or anything that hits the emotion of another in a negative way is described using the hitting below the belt. The person who passes unethical comments is considered mean. Its usage is in the form of jokes, actions, comments, and criticism. 

Mentioned below are the example sentences of below the belt idiom:

  • He is a funny person, but the joke related to my appearance hit me below the below and I will never make plans with him.
  • Positive criticism is healthy but attacking someone’s personal life is going too far below the belt.
  • She was angry with me for the past 4 days but now her actions are hitting me below the belt.

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Synonyms and Similar Words to Below The Belt Idiom

Mentioned below are some of the synonyms and similar words to the given idiom:

  • Inappropriately
  • Unfairly
  • Unethically
  • Harshly
  • Offensively
  • Cruelly
  • Improperly 
  • Insultingly
  • Indecently
  • Insensitively

Below The Belt Idiom Quiz

Sheena was trying to hit ____________ by passing sensitive comments.

Fill in the blank choosing the correct idiomatic expression to complete the sentence:

  1. Across the board
  2. Above the clouds
  3. Below the belt

Ans: c. Below the belt

This was all about below the belt idiom, its meaning, and examples. Hope you understood the concept where it’s used. For more such blogs, follow Leverage Edu.

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