Pound of Flesh Meaning, Examples, Synonyms

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pound of flesh meaning

The meaning of the idiom pound of flesh is saying that the person is adamant about getting what is rightfully theirs, regardless of the consequences or how it may affect others.

It was said by Shylock, a moneylender who is an outcast in Venice because he was Jewish, in The Merchant of Venice. Insisting on a pound of flesh is a bold and severe demand that is commonly heard in English-speaking countries.

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Usage with Examples

A pound of flesh is a brutal or unreasonable demand that is frequently made at great personal expense or pain to the person expected to accomplish it.

In TV, novels, and movies, the term is frequently used by a villain when he’s coming to collect what the hero owes them when he’s down to nothing. In simple terms, it is taking more than can be provided.

Mentioned below are the examples of a pound of flesh idiom:

  • You must return that money to Neha or else offer a pound of flesh.
  • The lender does not take kindly to unpaid debts, threatening a pound of flesh for this situation.
  • What you wanted was only a pound of flesh. That is all you can take now.

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Synonyms and Similar Words to Pound of Flesh

Mentioned below are the synonyms of a pound of flesh:

  • Debt
  • Arrears
  • Due
  • Obligation
  • Penalty

A Pound of Flesh Meaning Quiz

You can get a pound of the flesh according to the contract. What is the meaning of a pound of flesh here?

  • An unreasonable demand but something that is one’s legal right.
  • A lot of meat
  • Money

Ans: An unreasonable demand but something that is one’s legal right

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