Man of Straw Meaning, Example, Synonyms 

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The idiom Man of Straw meaning is suitable for someone who is weak, ineffective or has no substance. In other words, the idiom becomes meaningful when someone tries to manipulate or control a person in his adversity. 

In popular culture, the idiom ‘Man of Straw’ originated from the practice of stuffing clothing with straw to create a scarecrow. Just like the scarecrow this person may appear to be strong and capable on the surface, but is actually weak and easily influenced.

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Usage with Examples

Today, the idiom acts as metaphorically to describe a person who lacks strength, character, or integrity. While on a contrary note, the idiom can also refer to a person existing as a scapegoat in a situation for anyone. 

Let’s take a closer look at the examples given below to build a better usage of the idiom:

  • The new CEO turned out to be a man of straw, unable to make any tough decisions or lead the company effectively.
  • The politician was accused of being a man of straw, easily swayed by lobbyists and special interest groups.
  • The team’s star player was injured, leaving them with a man of straw in his place who couldn’t perform at the same level.

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Man of Straw Synonyms

The following phrases are synonymous with the idiom Man of straw:

  • Weakling
  • Pushover
  • Patsy
  • Puppet
  • Scapegoat

Man of Straw Meaning Quiz

The boss used the new intern as a man of straw, 

  • Approving unnecessary leaves and working overtime on his own.
  • Managing their task on his own and not guiding them.
  • Giving them all the grunt work and taking credit for their ideas.

Answer: Giving them all the grunt work and taking credit for their ideas.

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This was all about the idiom Man of Straw’s meaning and example. Hopefully, you understood the concept where it’s used. For more such blogs, follow Leverage Edu.

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