11+ Antonyms of Plaintively, Meaning and Examples 

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The antonyms of “plaintively” are Joyfully, Cheerfully, Happily, Merrily or Optimistically. To make an impression and get well-versed in vocabulary one should know at least a few antonyms of general words like “plaintively.”

“Plaintively” is a word that is regularly used in general day-to-day communication. We come across this word at least once a day. Not just this we also use its antonyms quite frequently.

Meaning of Plaintively 

“Plaintively” is a word that is used in everyday conversation. However, to make things simpler for you we will explain the meaning of this word in short.

“Plaintively” is an adverb that describes the manner in which something is said or done. It is used to characterize a tone or expression, typically in speech or music. When someone speaks or sings plaintively, they do so in a sad, mournful, or sorrowful manner.

9+ Opposites of Plaintively  

Mentioned below are some words that can be used as antonyms to the word plaintively: 

  • Cheerfully
  • Joyfully
  • Happily
  • Merrily
  • Optimistically
  • Triumphantly
  • Briskly
  • Lightheartedly
  • Energetically
  • Buoyantly

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Usage with Examples 

Given below are some examples of how the antonyms of “plaintively” can be used in a sentence:

  1. Happily:
    • Example: She sang the song happily, with a big smile on her face.
  2. Cheerfully:
    • Example: He greeted us cheerfully, his eyes sparkling with joy.
  3. Joyfully:
    • Example: The children laughed and played joyfully in the park.
  4. Merrily:
    • Example: They danced merrily at the wedding, celebrating the couple’s happiness.
  5. Optimistically:
    • Example: Despite the challenges, she spoke optimistically about the future.
  6. Triumphantly:
    • Example: The team raised the championship trophy triumphantly, celebrating their victory.
  7. Briskly:
    • Example: He walked briskly down the street, full of energy and purpose.
  8. Lightheartedly:
    • Example: They chatted lightheartedly over lunch, sharing funny stories.
  9. Energetically:
    • Example: The speaker delivered the presentation energetically, keeping the audience engaged.
  10. Buoyantly:
    • Example: The stock market performed well, and investors felt buoyantly optimistic about their portfolios.

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Antonyms of Plaintively Quiz

What is the antonym of “plaintively”?

a) Joylessly b) Cheerfully c) Sadly d) Sorrowfully

Answer: (B)

What is the antonym of “plaintively” in this context: “He smiled and spoke __________ about his recent achievements”?

a) Plaintively b) Enthusiastically c) Sadly d) Regretfully

Answer: (B)

This was all about the antonym of “plaintively” meaning and examples. Hope you understood the concept where it’s used. For more such blogs, follow Leverage Edu.

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