Top 7 Idioms for Music That You Should Know!

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idioms for music

Idioms are expressions or phrases that have a meaning different from the literal interpretation of their individual words. They often carry a cultural or contextual significance and are used to convey a particular idea, emotion, or concept in a more creative or colorful way. 

Here are seven idioms related to music along with their suitable examples in the blog article below: 

Face the Music 

Meaning: To accept the consequences of one’s actions.

Example: “After skipping rehearsals, he had to face the music when he performed poorly during the concert.”

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Play it by Ear

Meaning: To handle a situation as it unfolds, without a definite plan.

Example: “We don’t have a set schedule for the trip, we’ll just play it by ear and see where we end up.”

Hit the Right Note

Meaning: To do something perfectly or accurately.

Example: “Her speech at the conference hit the right note with the audience, and they gave her a standing ovation.”

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March to the Beat of Your Own Drum

Meaning: To do things in your own unique way, regardless of what others are doing.

Example: “She has always marched to the beat of her own drum, pursuing her artistic passions despite societal expectations.”

Sing a Different Tune

Meaning: To change one’s attitude or opinion, often in response to pressure or a change in circumstances.

Example: “He used to be against the idea, but once he saw the benefits, he started singing a different tune.”

Change your Tune

Meaning: To change one’s attitude or opinion.

Example: “At first, he was against the idea, but he changed his tune when he realized its potential benefits.”

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Play Second Fiddle

Meaning: To take a subordinate or less important role.

Example: “In the company’s hierarchy, he felt like he was playing second fiddle to his more experienced colleagues.”

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