Self-Introduction for Internship Interview

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Self-Introduction for Internship Interview

The self-introduction for internship interview plays an important role while you are starting your career. A strong self-introduction will help you stand out from other candidates. The candidates always get nervous about what kind of questions the interviewer might ask. 

How will I introduce myself during the interview? Also, internship interviews might be the first instances of facing an interview for many people. Nonetheless, this should not make you fret!

In this blog, the candidates will get to know more about the top questions asked during self-introduction in an internship interview, For Example for the self-introduction and tips for an internship interview. 

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Top Questions Asked Regarding the Self-Introduction for Internship Interview

The students who are applying for the internship often have to appear for an interview regarding the internship. In this case, they must prepare for the self-introduction as well as for the related questions which can be asked. Mentioned below are the top questions which are frequently asked during an internship interview:

Q1- Tell me about yourself

This question sounds like a generic one but is the most crucial and sure-shot question in every interview. Here, the interviewer is trying to understand how you can describe yourself, your skills, achievements, experience and capabilities in conjunction with the job description. 

Carefully curate your answer to include all the information about yourself with the tone of how it can be beneficial for the role you are applying to and hence the company. 

Q2- Why are you interested in this internship?

The interviewer asks these types of questions to know if your expectations and career goals are in line with the internship and what the company can offer you. The interviewer also wants to know whether you are excited about the opportunity or not.

Q3- What skills or experiences do you hope to gain from this internship?

While answering this question you can also use this as an opportunity to talk about your experience, passions, and values. Also, clearly mention your expectations from the internship and showcase your curiosity, and eagerness to take new initiatives with creative ideas. 

Also, use this opportunity to talk about your leadership skills. Take the leverage to mention any projects that you have taken up during your education or previous internships. 

Q4- What are the new things that you have learned till now?

The interviewer asks this question to the interviewee to know whether the candidate is eager and wants to learn new things or not. They also want someone who is willing to learn a new skill or not. 

You should start answer with all the things you have learnt during your education or previous internships and do not forget to add how it was beneficial for the company. Also, emphasize how new skills have improved the quality of your work and your understanding of the field. 

Lastly, you can add how you can use those skills in the current role and what new skills are you planning to learn to ace in your self-introduction for internship interview. 

Q5- Do you have any questions for us?

The candidates who are appearing for the interview must ask the questions at the end of the interview. Prepare at least two to three questions that not only show that you have researched the company and know what it does but also demonstrate that you’re excited about the role and all it has to offer. 

For example, you ask specific questions related to your daily KRAs, the structure of the company and what the company expects from you as a resource. 

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Example of Self-Introduction for Internship Interview

Here are some examples of the self-introduction for internship interview that you can have a look at. You can use these templates to curate your own answers. 

Example 1:

Hi, I’m [your name], and I’m excited to start this internship with [company name].

I’ve been interning at [company name] for the past three months, and I absolutely love it. I learned and developed designing skills during that internship. 

Now I am looking for a more dynamic space to work and upskill the basics that I already know with a creative and competitive team. I feel this company can help me learn in a more practical way than theoretical coursework. 

I am a quick learner and even capable of leading projects. I suggested many innovative ideas which were a big success at my previous internship. I look forward to joining your team now. 

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Example 2:

Hi! I’m [name], and I’m excited to be here at [company name].

I’m a big fan of [company name]‘s mission, so I think it will be a lot of fun working with you.

I’ve been an intern at [company name] for [amount of time] and have already learned [so and so skills]!

I have been awarded as the top performer at my previous company and my projects are always flawless for the clients. I look forward to learning new software, applications and high end in this company. 

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Tips for an Internship Interview

The candidates who will be appearing for an internship interview and want to secure a seat in their favourite company below mentioned are a few tips for the Internship interview:

  • Do the preparation like research about the company’s mission. Find out about the company’s activities, employees, structure and clients.
  • Before the interview, choose the right interview dress.
  • Prepare answers for the internship interview.
  • Bring all the correct and verified documents with you during the interview.
  • Prepare good questions to ask after the interview.
  • Make a good impression 
  • Close the interview strongly.
  • After the interview is over, send a thank you letter.
  • If you have not heard back after the interview then it is advisable to take the follow-up.

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