“How Would You Describe Your Work Style?”: Sample Answers

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Describe your working style

Apart from understanding your knowledge of the technical skills required for the job, the interviewers are keen to know about your working style. Hence, more than often they ask “How would you describe your work style?” in the interview. This question helps the interviewers to analyse whether you will be a good fit for the company’s culture and work environment. 

As sometimes this question becomes even more important than the technical questions, you must be prepared with a good response beforehand appearing for your interview. You may enhance your answer’s credibility by adding your work style using certain examples. To help you in this case, we have come up with this blog that includes tips to answer the “How would you describe your work style?” and “How would you describe your work ethic?” interview questions, things to avoid saying to your employers and 2 examples for answering these questions.   

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How to Answer “What is Your Work Style?” Question?

The possibility of you winning the first impression over your interviewer by answering the question “How would you describe your work style?” depends on how well you can articulate your work style. You can easily answer this question and win your interview by following the tips given below. 

  1. Learn About Company: The interviewer’s aim in asking this question is to determine whether you’ll be the right fit for their company’s culture and environment. You must answer in a way that you will be well suited to the company’s environment and flexible to any given environment.
  2. Team Player: This is a crucial part. Being a team player implies that you have good interpersonal skills along with having good communication skills. If you say you are flexible about both – working in a team and independently, this will leave a good impression on your interviewer. 
  3. Your Speed and Accuracy: Describe how well you can perform tasks without delaying them for the future. In the current scenario, when competition is high, interviewers seek highly productive candidates who can complete their tasks. Emphasise how well you can understand the assignment even by short briefings. 
  4. Values: Values maketh man! What a right saying to mention here. Describe that you are a loyal person who believes in the company’s objectives.

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How Would You Describe Your Work Ethics?

Despite saying long paragraphs and giving a general answer, you must try to be specific here. Give your answers in points, you may as well some examples to define your case. Below are a few tips that you may consider for answering this question. 

  1. Demonstrate your time management skills
  2. Talk about your results-oriented approach to taking tasks
  3. Indicate clearly that you have the skills required for this job
  4. Discuss your idea of working in teams or an independent working system and that you are a good team player.
  5. Demonstrate your accountability, and bring to the notice of the interviewer that you can be reliable in getting things done.

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“How Would You Describe Your Work Style?”: Sample Answers

Below we have given three examples as an answer to the question “How would you describe your work style?”. The examples are curated based on certain professions that you might be interviewing for. You may take help and prepare similar answers.

Sample 1: Project Manager

“My basic work style incorporates standing up for what my team demands from me and I should be reliable to their needs. I am cooperative and vigilant yet very supportive. I help the team to run the project tasks smoothly even if that requires training them to learn a specific skill.”

Sample 2: Marketer

“I am equally excited as the client to bring out the best possible and creative result. I picturise creating a unique image for the client with my creative marketing ideas. While I like presenting my creative side, I am also really flexible in hearing about my clients and accommodating their specific needs in my idea or entirely transforming the idea as the client demands. This forms a strong foundation of trustworthy, sound and sustainable relationships with the client.”

Sample 3: Teacher

“As a teacher, I am very caring and loving for students. I believe that the founding stone of learning and a strong personality is laid down by giving proper attention to each student and imparting sound knowledge of the subject. I make sure that each of my students feels heard and understood while raising their doubts around a topic without having to think that their doubts are silly and not worthy of raising with their faculty.”

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What is the best answer to the “How would you describe your working style?” in an interview?

While the tasks of most of the teams in a company are co-dependent on each other, the employers expect you to be a team player naturally. For this, research the company, its functioning, and its environment and transform your answer accordingly. In most cases, your answer should sound like “I am a strong team player and believe in building strong professional relationships to bring out maximum output”.

How would you describe your work ethic?

Be efficient in articulating the values that drive you at work. Make use of words like reliable, dedicated, trustworthy, goal-oriented, loyal and self-starter.

What are the different working styles?

There are 4 working styles that one may follow namely, details-oriented, logical, ideas-oriented and supportive.

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