How to Introduce Yourself in SSB Interview

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How to introduce yourself in SSB interview

Appearing in SSB or Services Selection Board interview sessions is a big deal. You have passed the written test and now you are in the final stage of getting appointed to this organisation. Here in this blog, we have mentioned some tips and tricks to help you answer the questions related to Introduce yourself in SSB interview. We have also mentioned a few samples to help you with this.

SSB is an organisation that assesses the candidates for becoming officers in the Indian Armed Forces. All those candidates who get shortlisted after clearing the exam are supposed to appear for the SSB interview. This can be a difficult interview for those candidates who don’t go prepared or don’t know what the interview will be like. 

Tips to Introduce Yourself in SSB Interview

While introducing yourself it is very important to keep some basic tips in your mind which will help you in introducing yourself in the SSB interview. Here are some tips which will come in handy.

1. Sell Yourself

This should be considered a great opportunity where you get to tell about yourself in front of the interviewing officers. Introducing yourself might seem easy but it is very tricky as in this you don’t want to give too much information but at the same time cover everything which might be relevant.

The best way to begin with this is to begin by giving a brief overview of your life. This includes talking about your current and past achievements and what all have you accomplished. Always remember the best way to introduce yourself is to keep it simple and crispy. Don’t overwhelm the interviewer with a load of information. 

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2. Your Motivation to Choose This Career

Be it any company or in this case, the interviewing officers, everyone is interested in what you have done which is not mentioned in that sheet of paper (resume). So, try to limit the information on the paper and leave that for the introduction. 

Tell them when and why you decided to pursue this field as your career. You can even mention a story which inspired you to join the military. A story is much better as a lot of people can relate to it, however, don’t just start rambling.

3. Talk About Your Education

This is the next step in your introduction session. Tell the interviewer about your education and why you chose the course or stream from a particular school or college (if asked). Give the officer a quick description of your educational goals and they helped in leading you to the SSB interview. Also, you should give a brief introduction, if asked.

4. Mention About Your Academics

Talking about your academics is the next step where you will have to prove that you are always ready to learn new things and trained. If need be, show the interviewing officer proof of where you learned something and put that knowledge into use. 

5. Mention Your Hobbies

These come outside your academic qualifications, over here you can include activities such as marketing campaigns, clubs or the conducting of cultural programs. All these skills are additional skills which act as a plus point in situations like these. If you don’t possess any then simply tell the truth. Keep in mind that the interviewing officers have skills that they can get to know if you are not telling the truth.

6. Work Experience

If you have any work experience, then you must tell the interviewing officer about the same. Any work experience, no matter big or small. Just let them know about it. Mention the skills and expertise you have got from that particular job and what all new qualities were enhanced.

Introduce Yourself in SSB Interview Samples

Good Morning Sir/Ma’am,

My name is (XYZ), and I hail from (name of the place). I recently got my degree in B.Tech from XYZ University.

My interest in the Indian military developed from watching war movies which created a huge impact on me. Henceforth, I would like to pursue my career in this. 

During the four years of my college, I was part of several clubs which helped me boost my confidence, physical health and much more. 

Other than this, I also love to write, I have also been part of the editorial club during my college days where I covered all the events.

I can also speak fluently in English, Hindi and my regional language which is Punjabi. My hobbies include reading literature and playing cricket.

Don’t Mention This

We often make mistakes while introducing ourselves which might not even realise. Here are some steps which need to be avoided while introducing yourself in an SSB interview.

  • Follow the instructions which are mentioned on the admit card which might be outlining the entire process of the SSB interview.
  • Make sure you communicate in English and are speaking fluently.
  • Always maintain your posture, and maintain a constant smile.
  • Always be truthful in whatever you speak. Don’t mention unnecessary things.
  • Know yourself before you start talking about yourself.
  • Don’t just memorise the words, and sentences and start speaking, your self-introduction should always look natural.  

Hope you found this blog interesting as you were given knowledge about what happens in an SSB interview and how you can make it through.

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What is the duration of an SSB interview?

The SSB interview lasts for 5 days straight at all the three wings of the Indian Armed Forces.

How to Introduce Yourself in SSB Interview?

To introduce yourself in SBB interview, start by selling yourself, explain why you want to choose this career and what motivates you, and highlight details like your academic background, interests and hobbies, career achievements, etc.

How do you write a self-description in SSB?

You must be clear on what you are writing in your self-description. Do not mix it up with your personal interview. Highlight qualities like passion, enthusiasm, intellect, deliberate hard work, etc.

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