How Do You Plan to Achieve Your Career Goals?

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How do you plan to achieve your goals

No matter what you communicate in your resume, there are some questions that judge the person only through an interview. One of the most important questions being: “How do you plan to achieve your career goals” This is a very common question that an interviewer asks the interviewee. Therefore, it is very important for one to produce an extraordinary answer. Today, we will talk about how you as a candidate can produce an astounding answer when asked this question.

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Why Do Interviewers Ask “How Do You Plan to Achieve Your Career Goals”

Before answering this question. Let us understand why this is asked. Interviewers ask  “How Do You Plan to Achieve Your Career Goals”, by asking this, the interviewer wants to understand the candidate’s career aspirations. They want to find out if the person standing in front of them has the potential or thought of producing positive results for the company. 

They may also want to know if the goals of the company meet with the person, if they are compatible for the job or not. 

Therefore, this is the best opportunity for any candidate to show the hiring manager if they are committed to the role they are applying for. Conducting proper research about the employer is always a plus point. 

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How to Answer “How Do You Plan to Achieve Your Career Goals”

Now that we know why this question is asked and is important. We must now understand how we can answer the same sensibly. When answering this question, it is very important for one to produce a concise and effective response. Therefore, we have compiled a list of points that will help you help in making a proper answer to this question. 

How Can You Contribute

This is the first step. Over here the candidate must self-analyse and see how they can contribute to society and most importantly in your office. For example, if you are applying for a content writer role then role main responsibility is to make sure that you produce high-quality content. It should be plagiarism free. Now that, this is done. Decide upon a series of actions that can be implemented to make this plan effective. 

Use Job Description To Your Advantage

As the title suggests, read the job description and then use all the points which best describe it to your advantage. You can always mention that having experience in those fields you can implement the knowledge in the job. Mention how your knowledge will be helpful for the corporate culture. If you gain some background knowledge about the employer will allow you to frame a relevant answer. 

Mention You Plus Points

Next is to mention all your relevant credentials that match the job description conveniently. This will show that you are a competent employee. Mentioning your qualifications, will not only show your competency but also that you can be considered as an asset to the organization. Having work experience in those fields will act as a plus point.

Reveal Your Plan

Lastly, explain to the employer what are your long-term goals. Make sure you organize your thoughts in chronological order. By doing so, the employer will understand that you have both short-term and long-term goals. 

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Tips and Tricks for Answering “How Do You Plan to Achieve Your Career Goals”

It is very important for the candidate to understand some tips and tricks before answering this question. Due to this, we have compiled a list of tips and tricks which will help you when asked this question. 

Firstly, greet your employer.Be formally dressed.
Make sure you practice this question.Don’t divert from the question.
Keep your answer focused on the question.Don’t take this question lightly.
Incorporate all the necessary points.
Use the job description to your advantage.

Sample Answers

Below-mentioned are two examples through which you will get an idea about how you should answer this question.


Since I started my profession five years ago, I’ve been aiming to become a retail manager. Expanding our team would be my first course of action. I think my background in sales and customer service qualifies me to find excellent people who will be advantageous to the business. I can also use various forms of visual merchandising around the shop. In a prior position, the way I presented my merchandise led to a 25% rise in sales. I can create a procedure for dealing with consumers once we have a larger team. To beat Christmas sales quotas is my long-term objective.

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A rigorous planning process that incorporates the team, stakeholders, and clients is something else I’m passionate about. I intend to organise a presentation and encourage the group’s experts to offer suggestions. After we carry out the processes of our planning, I work to increase customer pleasure and outperform the competition with the things we produce.

By now, you might have known that this question is a very important part of an interview. Therefore, it is very crucial for one to tackle this part of the question very carefully. Make sure your go well-prepared for this part and crack the interview!

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Q.1. How do you plan to achieve your career goals?

Ans: In order to achieve the career goals, the candidate should keep the following points in mind:
-Make a proper calendar for career planning.
-Set targets.
-Be persistent.
-Seek constructive feedback
-Invest a lot of time in exploring options. 

Q.2. How to answer “ What is your long-term career plan”?

Ans: To answer this question, the candidate should set milestones for themselves. Milestones that cannot be achieved in weeks or months but years. Secondly, be focussed on your career. 

Q.3. How to answer the question “Why should we hire you?”

Ans: To answer this question, the candidate can always say that they have the required skills, experience, and passion for the industry.

We hope this blog provided you with all the necessary information on how you can answer this question smartly and crack the interview. 

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