4 Short Poems on Father’s Day in English

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Short Poems on Fathers Day

Father’s Day is a special occasion to celebrate the presence of our incredible dads and father figures in our lives. It is observed every year on the third Sunday of June across the world in different ways. Among the hustle and bustle of life, children often forget to thank their fathers for their countless blessings and efforts to ensure their well-being. Luckily, International Father’s Day offers the right platform. What better way to express your gratitude and love than through writing a short poem on this Father’s Day? To help you out, here are a few samples of how to write short funny and rhyming poems on Father’s Day in English. 

2 Funny Dad Poems

Poem 1

Dear Dad, your jokes make us laugh, 

Even when they are a little absurd. 

You are a funny person, a little silly for sure,

Your love and comfort, we want it more. 

Building things with different tools,

You help us stand high on the magic stool. 

From mending things to fixing toys, 

We love you so much, oh boy!

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Poem 2

Dad, you make us laugh and act cool,

You look brilliant, even in a swimming pool.

Your weird jokes make us laugh out loud,

You are the best comedian in the whole crowd, 

Fixing this and that all day,

You are amazing in every possible way.

You help us with homework and play games too, 

Dad, we are so lucky to have you. 

Source: Art by keshavlal Vora

2 Rhyming Poems on Father’s Day

Poem 1

My dear dad, you are my ray of guiding light, 

In your embrace, everything feels right. 

With love so strong and knowledge so true, 

I feel blessed to have a person like you. 

In ups and downs, and life’s troublesome bends, 

You have always been my closest friend. 

On this special day, with utmost glee,

I thank you dear dad for always being there for me.

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Poem 2

A father’s love is like a steady hand,

You fill me with love, only you understand. 

From childhood to now, you see

Your love means a great thing to me.  

With each hug, your lips spread into a smile, 

You have made each moment worthwhile. 

On this Father’s Day, I want to say, 

I am grateful to you every single day.

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What is the short verse for Father’s Day?

If you are looking for a sweet short verse for Father’s Day, you can go with something like, He is my protector, he is my father. Another example is My father is the man who has always been on my side. 

What is the best line for Father’s Day?

To say the best line to your dad on this Father’s Day, you can go with something like, Dad, you have always been my favourite superhero. Another option is, I am so lucky to have such an amazing father.

What is a lovely message for Father’s Day?

You can tell your father, Thank you for always believing in me and being my support system. 

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