EssayGPT Review: An Honest Assessment of the AI Essay Writing Copilot

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EssayGPT Review: HIX.AI’s EssayGPT is an AI essay writing copilot designed to streamline and enhance the essay writing process for a wide range of users. Developed by the same team that pulled out the all-in-one AI writing platform HIX.AI, it offers a variety of features that aim to save time and improve the quality of your essays. With its user-friendly interface and powerful AI capabilities, EssayGPT is a promising tool for students and researchers alike.


EssayGPT’s Capabilities

EssayGPT is capable of handling various types of essays on a wide range of topics. Here are just some of the essay types it can accommodate without any problem:

  • Narrative Writing: EssayGPT can help you craft compelling stories that engage readers and convey your message effectively.
  • Argumentative Writing: EssayGPT assists in formulating strong arguments, supporting evidence, and counterarguments to help you construct a persuasive essay.
  • Descriptive Writing: With EssayGPT, you can create vivid descriptions that captivate readers and bring your ideas to life.
  • Analytical Writing: EssayGPT aids in analyzing complex topics, breaking them down into manageable parts, and presenting a well-structured analysis.
  • Expository Writing: EssayGPT helps you explain and clarify concepts, providing a clear understanding of the subject matter.
  • Comparison Writing: If you need to compare and contrast different ideas or subjects, EssayGPT can assist in organizing and presenting your comparisons effectively.
  • Persuasive Writing: EssayGPT can also help you craft convincing arguments and appeals to persuade your audience effectively.

The Three Powerful Modes

If we want to display how powerful EssayGPT is, we must talk about the core of their AI-powered essay writing services, the three essay-focused writing modes. Each is uniquely designed to enhance essay creation, from inspiration to comprehensive research and editing.

The Generator Mode

The Generator mode of EssayGPT allows users to quickly generate customized essay content by providing basic information. This feature is the easiest and fastest way to get your essay done in a matter of minutes, and this is also particularly useful when you just need a starting point or inspiration for your writing. 

By simply inputting the topic, desired length, narrative style, and any additional instructions, EssayGPT generates a draft that includes an outline, introduction, abstract, and more. While it provides a solid foundation, further editing and customization may be required to refine the essay.

You will also notice the “Undetectable mode” setting. That’s right. You can ask EssayGPT to craft fully human-like, undetectable content that can maintain the central idea of your topic, and it will make sure the generated essay can bypass some of the strictest AI detection tools on the market.

The Writer Mode

You can consider EssayGPT’s Writer mode as an online text editor loaded with an intelligent AI algorithm that empowers users to write and edit essays with ease. EssayGPT’s AI capabilities assist in the research process by providing access to a vast network of scholastic databases and academic publications.

It can also automate the citation process, generating accurate references in various styles such as APA, MLA, and Chicago. This powerful AI-powered “text editor” also allows you to rewrite, summarize, or expand your existing essays effortlessly by uploading them directly to the editor, saving valuable time and effort.

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The ScholarChat

The ScholarChat
The ScholarChat

ScholarChat, the AI research and paper lookup assistant chatbot, is an invaluable tool for students, researchers, and academic writers seeking assistance throughout their writing journey. Users can interact with this research chatbot to request assistance with research queries, source verification, and source finding easily.

Additional Features of EssayGPT

EssayGPT also offers a range of powerful features that enhance the essay writing process. Let’s take a look at each of them:

Create & Enhance Any Essay Content

With EssayGPT, you can effortlessly generate full-length essay drafts on any topic or subject. By simply typing “//” and providing basic information, the smart essay AI can help you craft new content from scratch. Moreover, you can rewrite, summarize, or expand any existing essay with just one click, saving you time and effort.

Research & Fact-Checking Capabilities

EssayGPT is linked to a vast network of scholastic databases and academic publications. This feature speeds up the research process by providing detailed and up-to-date information for your essay workflow. With EssayGPT, you can access reliable sources, gather relevant data, and fact-check your information with ease.

Custom Citation Assistance

Creating citations can be a tedious and error-prone task. However, EssayGPT simplifies the entire process by automating it in seconds. Whether you need citations in APA, MLA, Chicago, or other styles, EssayGPT can instantly generate accurate references for your essay. This feature ensures that your citations are consistent and properly formatted, and saves you valuable time.

Automated Essay Completion

Writer’s block can be a significant obstacle when trying to complete an essay. EssayGPT’s AI auto-complete feature comes to the rescue by analyzing the context of your existing writing and providing tailored and relevant suggestions to finish the rest of the essay. This intuitive feature helps you overcome writer’s block and maintain a consistent flow in your writing.

Comprehensive Grammar Checker

EssayGPT takes the pain out of proofreading by offering a comprehensive grammar checker. It ensures that your essay content is coherent, clear, and free from grammatical, syntax, or punctuation errors. With EssayGPT, you can be confident that your essays are polished and easy enough for readers to understand.

Accurate Plagiarism Checker

Plagiarism is a serious concern in academic writing. EssayGPT comes equipped with an accurate plagiarism checker that scans your essay content to ensure it is original and free from any instances of plagiarism. This feature gives you peace of mind and helps you maintain academic integrity.

Is EssayGPT Really Helping?

Personally speaking, EssayGPT has been a valuable tool for generating ideas and overcoming writer’s block. The AI auto-completion feature provides contextually relevant suggestions that align with my writing style, helping me extend my essays further. The grammar checker also ensures that my essays are free from grammatical, syntax, and punctuation errors, enhancing the overall clarity and coherence of my writing.

So, I can say that EssayGPT is indeed very helpful when writing essays, with detailed instructions and clear directions. Its capabilities to generate, refine, and polish content make it more than just an AI tool; it’s a comprehensive writing partner that you should consider if you are having trouble writing essays of all kinds.

Long Story Short…

In conclusion, EssayGPT is an impressive AI essay writing copilot that offers a range of features to streamline and enhance the essay writing process. With its Generator, Writer, and ScholarChat modes, EssayGPT provides users with valuable tools to generate essay drafts, improve research efficiency, automate citations, and enhance the overall quality of their writing.

For users looking for a fully interactable chatting experience, just like ChatGPT, the platform also offers dedicated EssayGPT GPTs just for you. This allows users to engage in dynamic conversations about their essay topics, ask specific questions, and receive tailored advice and suggestions.

While EssayGPT can be a helpful resource, it’s important to remember that it is a tool and not a substitute for critical thinking and personal input. The final responsibility for the content, coherence, and quality of the essay lies with the user. However, EssayGPT can certainly assist in generating ideas, overcoming writer’s block, and improving the overall writing experience.

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Questions You May Have

What does EssayGPT do?

EssayGPT is an AI essay writing assistant that helps streamline a wide range of academic writing tasks. It can generate plagiarism-free essay drafts, conduct research, revise existing content, automate citations, and more.

How does EssayGPT optimize academic research?

EssayGPT is directly linked to a vast and up-to-date database of academic papers, scholarly articles, and scientific research studies. This allows it to quickly sift through and provide access to relevant and reliable information for your specific research needs.

Is EssayGPT safe and secure to use?

Yes, EssayGPT utilizes military-grade encryption and safeguards to protect user data from unauthorized access. Your information remains secure and confidential when using the tool. However, for a maximum level of security, I always recommend you add sensitive information to the generated essay using offline text editing tools.

Can EssayGPT write the entire essay for me?

The answer is a solid yes. EssayGPT is designed to generate complete essays based on your inputs, including topic and length preferences. It can craft an initial draft that covers all essential parts of an essay, from introduction to conclusion. However, I do recommend you review and personalize the content further

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