7 Interesting and Fun English Stories For Class 3 

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English stories for Class 3

Stories that are interesting and fun make learning great for kids! Along with enjoying themselves and having fun, they also learn. English stories are a great way to ensure the holistic development of children. They also pick up skills like recitation, pronunciation, confidence, etc. Hence, in this blog, we bring you 7 Interesting and Fun English Stories For Class 3. Here, you will find some great stories for kids. Let’s explore them now! 

1. The Bear and the Two Friends

Two friends were walking through the forest. Since it was dangerous, they promised to stay close to each other. They see a bear approaching them. One friend scurries up a tree, leaving the other one behind. The other friend decided to pretend to be dead. The bear approached him, smelled his ear, and then left. The friend in the tree climbed down and asked the other friend what the bear had told him. He replies, “The bear simply advised against believing a false friend”. 

Moral: True friends stick with you through all situations. 

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2. The Miser and His Gold

Once, there was a miser who would hide all his gold under the stones in his garden. He never spent his gold, and without fail, he would count his coins before going to bed every day. One day, a thief spotted him counting his coins. After the miser went to sleep, the thief stole all the gold. The next day, the miser saw that all his gold was missing and started wailing. His neighbors came running and asked him what had happened. The neighbors asked him why he didn’t keep the gold in the house since it would be easy to access inside. The mise revealed that he never planned on spending the gold. The neighbors told him he might as well save his stones, as the unused gold was
just as useless. 

Moral: A possession is important only if you use it. 

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3. The Dog At the Well

Moral: Heed the warnings of those who are wiser. 

4. Controlling Anger

There was a young boy who could not control his anger. He would say whatever came to his mind, even if it hurt people. His father asked him to hammer in a nail in the backyard fence whenever he got angry. In the beginning, he used up a lot of nails. But as time went by, he started using less. The father then asked him to start removing a nail each day; he didn’t get angry. When he removed all the nails, the father asked him to see the holes in the fence. He reminded him that the fence would never be the same. Likewise, the things he had said to people could never be erased. 

Moral: Anger leaves scars on people. 

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5. The Leap at Rhodes

There was a man who used to travel to foreign lands. He would only talk about his adventures and deeds. He claimed he had made a great leap in a city called Rhodes. He bragged about it to no end. One listener told him to prove it physically, and he could not. 

Moral: It is the deed that counts. 

6. The Wolf and the Sheep 

There was a wolf who got injured while fighting a bear. He wasn’t able to get himself food or water. One day, a sheep passed by him. He asked the sheep to get him water, so he had the strength to get solid food. The sheep quickly realised he was the solid food, said he would not get the wolf any water, and went away. 

Moral: You can spot a person’s ulterior motives if you pay attention. 

7. The Tortoise And The Bird 

A tortoise was resting under a tree. On this tree, a bird had built its nest. The tortoise mocked the bird for having a home built with broken twigs, which it had to build itself. He bragged about his own shell and said the bird must be jealous. The bird told the tortoise that its nest might be shabby, but it had space for its friends and family. At the same time, the tortoise’s shell could never accommodate anyone else except the tortoise himself. 

Moral: A crowded hut is better than a lonely mansion. 


Q.1. Which story is best in English?

Ans: Some of the best stories are mentioned below: 

– The Golden Egg 
– The Shepherd Boy and the Wolf 
– Having a Best Friend: Friendship Moral Stories in English 
– The King’s Painting 
– The Pig and the Sheep 

Q.2. What is the most famous story for kids?

Ans: “Cinderella” is one of the most famous stories for kids.

Q.3. What is a short story in English class? 

Ans: A short story is simply written material consisting of a plot that may be fictional and can be read in a short time span of, like, 5-10 minutes. 

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Hope you like the English stories for class 3 that we have provided in this blog. For more such kids’ learning material, check out School Education and follow Leverage Edu!! 

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