XLRI Announces India’s first School for Automobile Design and Management

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A new one-year program is being initiated by the XLRI’s first school for Automobile Design and Management. Candidates from various graduate schools can be admitted to the school through a screening process. It is expected that school operations will begin by the end of 2025.  Moreover, the curriculum details are yet to be finalized by the authorities. 

Details About XLRI Automobile Design School

INDEA, India’s pioneering institution dedicated to training students aspiring for automobile design courses, announced its commitment to offer a diverse range of programs. These will encompass Automobile Design and Management, refresher courses tailored for practicing designers, and specialized inductions for Chief Experience Officers (CXOs). The annual agenda will feature a dynamic lineup of seminars, masterclasses, and workshops.

The flagship offering, a Master’s in Automobile Design and Management, is slated as a one-year postgraduate program, targeting an annual intake of 20-25 students selected through a rigorous screening process from various graduate schools. While the specifics of the curriculum are currently under finalization, the institution aims to commence operations by the conclusion of 2025.

During the event, Avik Chattopadhyay, an XLRI alumnus, emphasized the pivotal role of the Indian automobile industry as a cornerstone of the nation’s economy. He noted its readiness for post-pandemic growth, driven by factors such as the transition to clean energy, evolving consumer behaviors, and an increased emphasis on circular sustainability.

About XLRI INDEA Objectives

INDAE aims to foster a new breed of automotive designers and design leaders who possess a deep understanding of the industry’s complexities and can develop vehicles that align with evolving consumer trends and sustainability requirements, he elaborated.

According to the official announcement, INDEA will be grounded on three fundamental principles: striking a balance between intuition and industrial expertise, fostering robust industry connections, and providing exposure to global perspectives and practices. The program will be overseen by mentors such as automotive journalist Gautam Sen, former Supreme Court Justice Indira Banerjee, and former Director of Engineering at Maruti Suzuki India Limited IV Rao.

Commenting on the initiative, KS Casimir, Director of XLRI Delhi-NCR campus, remarked, “We recognized the pressing need to bolster India’s aspirations as a design center. Through our endeavor with the ‘Indian School for Design of Automobiles’, we aim to fill the void for skilled designers equipped with management acumen and an understanding of consumer preferences, thereby cultivating versatile professionals for the Indian automotive sector.”

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