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Hello, I am Professor Owl 🦉 and today we will be talking about NIT Agartala placement for the year 2023. So to know the exact date, stay tuned to this blog till the end.

NIT Agartala is a well-known NIT institute and is well known for its high-quality education and best placements. It has been known over the years for its best placement packages. To know the package of a few previous years, read the given blog.

Placement Statistics of NIT Agartala in 2023?

The NIT Institute has the following placement statistics for the years 2021 and 2022. The institute has not released the placement data for the year 2023.

ParametersPlacement Statistics (2021)Placement Statistics (2022)
Total students (BTech)645681
Students placed (BTech)525619
Median package (BTech)INR 6 LPAINR 7 LPA
Placement rate (BTech)81%91%
Total students (MTech)148161
Students placed (MTech)80106
Median package (MTech)INR 6 LPAINR 6.50 LPA
Placement rate (MTech)54%66%

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Average NIT Agartala Package 2023?

The students can have a look at the data for 2022 of the NIT Agartala average package. As the data for the year 2023 has not been released yet.

CourseMedian Package (2022)
MTechINR 6.50 LPA

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What is the highest placement in NIT Agartala?

The highest placement in NIT Agartala is 52 LPA.

Is NIT Agartala safe for girls?

There is high security and care for girls at NIT Agartala.

Is NIT Agartala worth it?

Yes, it is totally worth be it quality education or high packages, NIT Agartala offers both.

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