NIRF Rankings 2023: Chandigarh University Ranking 

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Chandigarh University NIRF Ranking

The National Institutional Ranking Framework ( NIRF) is a comprehensive framework established by the Ministry of Education, Government of India to rank the higher educational universities in India on various parameters. The ranking plays a crucial role in providing valuable details to the stakeholders of various educational institutions by helping them in making correct decisions in choosing the right institute for their further academics. The NIRF ranking follows a transparent and standardised system for ranking and promotes healthy competition among institutions intending to improve the overall improvement of higher education. In this blog, we will talk about Chandigarh University NIRF ranking in 2023.

Significance of NIRF Rankings 

The NIRF Rankings hold significant importance for students, parents and other stakeholders in deciding the right higher education sector for them. The rankings offer insight into the overall performance of the institute, providing students with a hint for their future academics. It serves as a quality assurance mechanism by evaluating the institutes on various parameters. The rankings help in fair evaluation and comparison by identifying their strengths and weaknesses, which makes the institutes accountable towards their stakeholders. The NIRF rankings also help the government to identify the institutes which require support and funding. Therefore, it contributes to the overall development and advancement of the institutes in India. 

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Parameters of Evaluation for Chandigarh University NIRF Ranking

There are various parameters on which the Ministry of Education assess the institutes for ranking, Chandigarh University NIRF Ranking is given based on the following:

Teaching, Learning and Resources – This includes

  • Student Strength (SS)
  • Faculty- Student Ratio (FSR)
  • Combined Metric for Faculty with PhD and Experience(FQE)
  • Financial resources and utilisation (FRU)

Research and Professional Practice

  • Combined Metric for Publications 
  • IPR and Patents 
  • Footprints of the project and professional practice 

Graduation Outcomes 

  • Metric for University Examination 
  • Metric for the number of PhD students who graduated 

Outreach and Inclusivity 

  • Percentage of students from other regions 
  • Percentage of women 
  • Economically and socially challenged 
  • Perception ranking 
  • Physically challenged facilities 

Peer Perception

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About Chandigarh University 

Chandigarh University, established in 2012 is a prestigious private university located in Mohali, Punjab which has gained recognition in a short span of time. Chandigarh University is known for its diverse range of programs that are education and innovation-driven. The curriculum provides students with a wide combination of theoretical and practical knowledge through real-time exposure. It is actively involved in research and innovation. It commits to academic excellence, innovation, and the holistic development of students. 

Chandigarh University Score 

The score of Chandigarh University in NIRF Rankings based on various parameters are: 

Teaching, Learning and Resources 63.55
Research and Professional Practice25.22
Graduation Outcomes 75.62
Outreach and Inclusivity 80.27
Peer Perception48.63

Chandigarh University NIRF Rankings 

The Chandigarh University NIRF rankings in different fields are commendable. The institute is ranked 27th in the university category and 45th overall and had jumped 3 positions from 2022 (48th rank), becoming the youngest university to achieve this height. It has also earned the reputation of reputable organisations such as QS, I-Gauge, and NAAC which presently reside in the top 5% of institutes in India and hold a prestigious NAAC A+ grade. The university achieved a Diamond rating by QS I- Gauge, enhancing its reputation. Overall, Chandigarh University had constantly worked on its academics and overall developed every area improving its position as India’s one of top-ranked Universities. The institutions are categories in 11 categories, out of which Chandigarh University was among the ranks in 6 of the following: 

  • University 
  • Architecture 
  • Engineering 
  • Pharmacy 
  • Management 
  • Overall

Chandigarh University has depicted its excellence in academics and overall by securing an exceptional rank in the National Institute Ranking Framework for the year 2023. This demonstrates the University’s commitment towards academics and its contribution to the overall growth and development of the students. 

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How Can Chandigarh University NIRF Ranking Improve? 

Chandigarh University NIRF Rankings are outstanding. There are several areas where the University can work more and improve its position to a much higher rank. Those Areas of improvement are: 

  • Academic Excellence: The core of the University’s ranking is its academic performance. The university needs to emphasise more on quality of education, student-faculty ratio and research programs. Engagement in impactful research programs will enhance the reputation of the university. 
  • Job Opportunities: Establishing an infrastructure for students that provide them with industry collaboration, internship opportunities and placement support will significantly impact the NIRF Rankings by preparing students for an independent future. 
  • Infrastructure: Uplifting the university’s infrastructure and providing basic amenities such as sports facilities, library, laboratories, art room and others will improve the environment for studies and contribute to the positive perception of the university. 
  • Student Support: Providing a comprehensive student support system will surely improve the rankings as the services to foster the needs of the students are basic and essential for any university to grow. 
  • Outreach and perception: The university needs to attract students from different regions and backgrounds to promote inclusivity and outreach. This can be done by providing scholarships to economically weaker background students, and providing minimum seats to women and physically challenged students. This will not only help in improving the rank but also help the society overall. 

Chandigarh University NIRF Ranking can be enhanced by considering the above-mentioned points.


Is Chandigarh University Government aided?

No, Chandigarh University is a private university.

What is the rank of Chandigarh University in CSE worldwide?

Worldwide the rank of Chandigarh University in CSE is between 601-650

Chandigarh University comes under which tier?

Chandigarh University is a tier 3 university as it is located in Mohali, Punjab.

This was all about the NIRF Ranking of Chandigarh University. For more information, keep following Leverage Edu. 

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