Highest Package of VIT Vellore 2023 

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Highest Package of VIT Vellore

Vellore Institute of Technology has been able to maintain its stellar placement rate by providing its students with numerous avenues to pursue their professional goals. The National Institutional Ranking Framework (NIRF) ranks the institution at number 28 overall, 55th in management, and 15th in engineering fields, respectively. During the 2022 placement drive, the highest package of VIT Vellore was 1.2 CPA, whereas the average package was 8.19 LPA. A total of 7462 students in all were placed during the placement, and they were given 2907 “dream offers” and 2562 “super dream offers.” Moreover, the institute has also provided some of the best internship placements to its students, including international internships.

VIT Vellore Placement Highlights: 2022 

Many prestigious companies like Bank of America, Deloitte, Nokia, PayPal, DE Shaw, and many others recruited the students. A total of 863 recruiters visited VIT Vellore Placements in 2022 and placed 7462 students. However, it is believed that the VIT Vellore CSE average package goes the highest, some of the highest packages of VIT Vellore 2023 were as high as 1.2 CPA. Check out the table given below to learn more.

Particulars Placement (2021-2022) Placement (2020-2021)
Number of Recruiting Companies 863 844
Highest Package 1.02 CPA 1.2 CPA
Number of Super Dream Offers 2562 1176
Number of Dream Offers 2907 2186
Total Number of Offers 12018 5609
Average Package Offered INR 8.19 LPA INR 8.19 LPA
Total Students Placed 7462 5609
Top Recruiters Bank of America, Deloitte, Nokia Microsoft, HP, Infosys

VIT Vellore Company-wise Placements

The number of leading recruiters at VIT Vellore placements in 2022 increased from 487 to 863 in just the past five years. The top companies that hired students from the Vellore Institute of Technology in 2022 are shown below.

Company Number of offers
Bank of America 164
Intel 180
Bajaj FinServ 131
Deloitte 268
Nokia 113
Cognizant 2500
TCS Digital 325
Societe Generale 75
Shell 92
PWC India 114

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VIT Vellore Year-Wise Placement

The institute has been giving excellent results for years, and the performance is only increasing with each passing batch. You can get an idea about the trends from the table shown below, which consists of year-wise placement at VIT Vellore.

Year Total Students Placed Number of Companies
2022 7462 863
2021 5609 844
2020 4914 739
2019 4381 719
2018 3349 487

The number of recruiting companies has grown consistently over the past few years. The graph shown here that outlines the statistics from 2018 to 2022 very well represents the performance of VIT in offering jobs.

VIT Vellore Internship 2022

For the students on campus, pre-placement offers and internships have been given by companies like Fidelity Investments, JP Morgan, and HPE CTY. A total of 912 students were accepted into internships with participating companies during the summer internship placement drive of 2022. There were a total of 709 internship offers made, 347 of which were “super dream” internships, 318 were “dream” internships, and 44 were “regular” internships. 

Particulars 2022
Number of recruiting Companies 118
Number of PPOs 129
Dream Internships 318
Super Dream Internships 347
Regular Internships 44
Students Recruited 912
Top Recruiters JP Morgan, Fidelity Investments, HPE CTY

VIT Vellore Company-wise Internship 2022 

The table below details the pre-placement offers made by each company at 2022’s summer internship placement drive.

Company PPO
JP Morgan 60
Fidelity Investments 13
Wells Fargo 10
Visa 10
ZS Associates 7
Morgan Stanley 5
Appointy 3
Nat West 2
DE Shaw 1

VIT Vellore 2021 Placement Highlight

The overall offers and the offers are given to the bachelor’s and master’s pass-out students of VIT Vellore in the year 2021 are given below:

Particulars Overall PG UG
Number of recruiting Companies 803 205 598
Number of Super Dream Offers 1041 151 890
Number of Dream Offers 1978 382 1596
Number of Regular Offers 1886 560 1326
Highest package 44LPA
Average Package 6 LPA 6.39 LPA
Overall Offers 9472 2120 7352

VIT Vellore Placement Process

The Career Development Centre (CDC) of VIT Vellore is responsible for coordinating all campus placement events. The following is an outline that the recruiting companies follow for the placement process at Vellore Institute of Technology.

  1. The placement cell of VIT i.e., CDC begins by inviting and registering potential companies.
  2. Once interested companies submit their ERFs, the recruitment schedule can be finalized.
  3. The institute’s campus interaction portal is where applicants can register for internships and jobs.
  4. After the successful placement process, students can reach out to CDC for post-offer support.


What is the average salary package at VIT?

In 2022, the average package at VIT was 8.19 LPA, and the highest package was 1.2 CPA.

Does the university provide international internships?

Yes, VIT places its students in many countries, like the USA, UK, Ireland, Japan, China, Israel, Taiwan, UAE, Kenya, Germany, Nigeria, and Italy, in various MNCs.

Name a few top recruiters at VIT.

Some of the top recruiters that participated in VIT placement were Intel, Qualcomm, Societe Generale, NetApp, Morgan Stanley, Nokia, Philips, Titan, Bajaj FinServ, PayPal, Bank of America, VMware, Media Tek, Cognizant, Danfoss, TCS Digital, and many others.

This was all about the Highest Package of VIT Vellore. For more such informative blogs do check out our Indian University page, and if you have any queries feel free to reach out to us at content@leverageedu.com.

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