What is the UGC NET Success Rate: (Includes Topper Stories)

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To understand the UGC NET success rate and qualifying rate in 2024, a candidate needs to have clarity that qualifying for UGC NET is very different from qualifying for JRF. Around 7 lakh individuals took the exam to be selected for assistant professorships and junior research fellowships, or both, at Indian universities and colleges. 

Previous year statistics showed that only 6,95,928 candidates showed up for the exam out of the 9,45,872 candidates who enrolled, according to NTA data. Of them, 58,794 individuals met the requirements, 53,762 of them were shortlisted for assistant professor positions, and 5,032 of them were shortlisted for junior research fellowships (JRFs) as well as assistant professors.

6% of candidates for “Only Assistant Professor” and 0.5% for “JRF and Assistant Professor” clear the UGC NET. 

A very general opinion about the UGC NET exam is that it is easier to crack with a 6% selection rate of candidates. However, that is not the case!

Candidates who qualify for UGC NET always want to qualify for JRF as well but for JRF, the competition is real, so qualifying for UGC NET is easier than qualifying for JRF. Therefore, it is always advised to take this exam seriously.

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UGC NET Qualifying Marks: 2024

The UGC NET qualifying marks for 2024 are 40% for candidates in the general category and 35% for those in the reserved category. Following the results announcement for each discipline and category, the NTA releases the cutoff. The official website will have the UGC NET 2024 cutoff available.

For applicants hoping to be assigned to Lecturer (LS) and Junior Research Fellow (JRF) positions in various colleges and institutions around the nation, the NTA administers the UGC NET twice a year. 

CategoryPaper I Paper II
General Category40%40%

UGC NET Passing Marks 2024: Assistant Professor

To get into the UGC NET 2024 merit list for assistant professors, candidates need to clear the UGC NET qualifying marks for 2024, identified by the NTA. Basically, NTA gives 6% of applicants in each field. 

UGC NET Passing Marks 2024: Junior Research Fellowship

Qualifying marks for JRF is a bit difficult as compared to assistant professor. To get on the final merit list of JRF, a candidate needs to clear the UGC NET qualifying marks in 2024. The reason for the high cut-off for JRF is the level of competition. 

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Calculate Your Chance of Qualifying UGC 

If you want to self-assess and calculate your chances of getting qualified for UGC NET 2024, you can apply the formula shown below:

Previous Year Cut Off + Mock Test Scores + Predicted Cut Off = Your Change of Getting Selected 

To calculate your chances of getting selected, keep these factors in mind

  1. Previous Year Cut off – If suppose the cut off was 120 
  2. Your Mock Test Scores – They are 85% accurate so if your are scoring 150 
  3. Predicted Cut Off – The predicted cut off for this session is 130 (Hypothetically)

By this calculation, there are high chances for you to get qualified for the UGC NET 2024 examination.

Success Story of Komal Sharma: UGC NET Topper

To make you feel motivated and to encourage you all for the upcoming June session exams, here is a quick pop-up of Komal Sharma’s success.

Komal Sharma’s success story is motivational because it demonstrates what can be accomplished with diligence, commitment, and hard work. Following her degree in political science, Komal made the decision to go into academia and started getting ready for the UGC NET exam. Komal adhered to a strict study regimen for months, spending several hours each day learning the ideas and concepts of political science. To improve her talents, she took coaching workshops, read books and completed a tonne of practice papers.

Komal persevered in working hard towards her objective in spite of several obstacles and disappointments along the road. When the UGC NET results for the December 2022 session were revealed, her perseverance paid off when she learned that she had passed with flying colours in the Political Science category. Because of Komal’s accomplishment, anyone can accomplish their goals if they have the correct attitude and strategy. Not only has her accomplishment increased her self-esteem, but it has also motivated others to follow their passions with the same fervour and commitment. 

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Is it easy to qualify for the UGC NET examination?

UGC NET exams and the JRF exams are both different from each other. JRF exams are comparatively harder to crack in comparison to the UGC NET.

How many exam attempts can I give for the UGC NET?

So, a candidate applying for the UGC NET should keep in mind that there is no limit on the number of attempts in the UGC NET.

How many per cent of candidates clear the UGC NET exams?

Only 0.5% of candidates for “JRF and Assistant Professor,” whereas 6% of candidates for “Only Assistant Professor” clear the UGC NET.

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