How to Prepare for ILICAT?

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As an Independent body registered under the Societies Registration Act 1860, the Indian Law Institute is a preferred institution for studies of Law and Legislation. To intake students in its prestigious courses of LLM and PhD the ILI conducts a Common Aptitude Test as the first set of screening for the candidates. Let’s explore this blog to know about how to prepare for ILICAT exam. 

Name of the Exam Indian Law Institute Common Aptitude Test 
Conducting Body Common Aptitude Test 
Course LLM and PhD
Exam Frequency Annually 
Mode of ApplicationOnline
Mode of Examination Offline

ILICAT Important Dates 

The dates for the Common Aptitude Test conducted by the Indian Law Institute as a first step for the selection of students under the courses are given below. 

Event Date
Application ProcessFebruary 2023 – March 2023
Admit Card Release dateApril 2023
ILI CAT Exam DateApril 2023
ILI CAT ResultsMay 2023

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How to Prepare for ILICAT 2023

Preparing for an entrance examination is more than just learning the syllabus topics. It is a process to study smartly and practically to score the maximum possible marks in the examination. 

The process involves stress-busting, time management and understanding the exam pattern. The various steps involved are given as follows. 

  1. Strategizing the Exam Preparation 
  2. Section Wise Preparation 
  3. Maintaining an Exam time lifestyle. 

Preparation Strategy

A strategy for the examination is important to help keep a candidate on track with preparation time and quality. The preparation strategy for ILICAT is mentioned hereunder. 

  1. Go through the exam syllabus and exam pattern for the ILI CAT. Screen through all the topics and segregate the sections that need more or less work. 
  2. Learn things at the beginning of preparation and keep revision for the end. 
  3. Prepare full-length sample papers at the end of the preparation time. 
  4. Make a weekly and monthly schedule and always make a note of progress. 
  5. Use the books and famous study materials at the beginning of your preparation. 
  6. Make notes while learning new concepts while learning them. 
  7. Reserve time for revision of concepts. 
  8. Practice answering with proper time management. 
  9. Keep Negative Markings in mind while answering the questions. 
  10. Use the key to correct the answer to mark scores on the practice tests. 

Section-Wise Preparation Tips

The best way to prepare for the ILI CAT examination is to divide the preparation strategy according to the main syllabus of the examination. The various subject-wise preparation ideas are mentioned below. 

Preparation for English and General Knowledge 

Here are some of the easiest ways to prepare for the English and General Knowledge sections of the ILI CAT exam. 

  1. Read a lot! Both sections need the candidate to read. Reading magazines and newspapers will help in improving vocabulary and general knowledge on a daily basis. This ask should be assigned daily in the preparation schedule as it hardly takes 10-20 minutes to complete. 
  2. The notes made should be centred around key highlights of news events and a separate section for vocabulary. 
  3. Listening to podcasts based on general knowledge and current affairs also increases the student’s affinity towards an understanding of the English language and general awareness. 
  4. Practising sample papers and previous years’ questions is an important practice. 
  5. One can also solve some GK and English quizzes on a daily basis to improve their scores in this section of the test. 

Preparation for Legal Aptitude

The legal Aptitude test for the ILI CAT Examination consists of topics like Law of Limitation, Jurisprudence, IPC, Public International Law, Constitutional Law, Commercial Law, Law of Torts and Environmental Law. The preparation tips for the same are given below. 

  1. Cover all the important topics for the test as the applicative questions may be integrated with multiple topics. 
  2. Practice for accuracy and speed. The mind should analyze data correctly and swiftly to score well in this section. The candidates may arrive at the correct answer but they must do so in time to complete the entire test. 
  3. It is also important that the candidate remains up to date on legal matters and keep using online mock tests to improve their thinking abilities. 
  4. One should not miss getting reliable books only, research thoroughly on the best books to study for Legal Aptitude and prepare from them. Get the latest versions of the book. 

Preparation for Legal Aspects

This section is centred around aspects like Constitutional Issues, Family, and Children’s Rights, Crime and Law Enforcement, Education and Legal theories. One can keep the following things in mind while preparing. 

  1. Each theory, issue and study should be given separate time for detailed preparation and understanding. 
  2. It is better to practice through questions only after the candidate has gained a proper understanding of the subject.
  3. One must not miss the latest discussions and improvements in the subject. 
  4. Make a list of important laws, theories and other topics and keep revising them at regular intervals. 
  5. One can also read related blogs and watch preparation videos. 

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What Not to Miss?

There is a vast syllabus to prepare but smart study can help in scoring better by learning faster. To achieve so the candidates also have to pay attention to certain other aspects like the following.

  1. Making key notes of all important topics and preparing a preparation calendar.
  2. Taking adequate breaks and leaves from study to relax and pull out the stress of the mind. 
  3. Sleeping timely can help in increasing brain activity at the time of studies. One should plan adequate hours of sleep and prepare regularly to stay free of last-minute anxiety and lack of sleep. 
  4. One can practice basic yoga and meditation to help with sleep. 
  5. Eating timely and healthy is also important to avoid weakness during studies and falling ill at the time of examination. 
  6. Learn Consistently. Having long breaks and then studying for long hours may seem right but creates a lot of stress. It is advisable that the candidates learn and rest in cycles consistently. 

Books Recommended for ILI CAT Exam

Selecting books for the examination is an important task and one should only go for the relevant and updated books for preparation. Books with credible sources of information and popularity for the ILI CAT exam pattern are given below. 

EnglishObjective English for Competitive Examination by Tata McGraw HillWord power made easy by Norman Lewis 
General KnowledgeGeneral Knowledge by ArihantLucent’s Objective GK 2022-2023
JurisprudenceJurisprudence I by Garima TiwariJurisprudence and Legal Theory by NV Paranjape 
Constitutional LawIntroduction to the Constitution of India by Brij Kishore SharmaConstitution of India by VN Shukla 
Public International
An Introduction to Public International Law by SK VermaPublic International Law by SRA Rosedar
Mercantile LawElements of Mercantile Law by ND Kapoor 
Labour LawMCQs in Industrial Relations and Labour Laws by Juli VermaMCQ’S On Human Resource Management Labour & Social Welfare Labour Welfare & Industrial Relations by A Vamsi
Crimes and TortsLaw of Torts by Dr RK Bangia Criminal Law by Dr RK Bangia
IPR and Other LawsA Handbook On Corporate and Other Laws by CA CS Munish BhandariA Handbook On Corporate and Other Laws by Sourabh Bindal 


How to prepare for ILI CAT?

To prepare for the ILI CAT one must first know the syllabus and exam pattern. Then the candidates must prepare a strategy for the ILI CAT Exam. Practising through books and sample papers can be really beneficial. 

What is the ILI CAT Exam?

The Indian Institute of Law conducts a Common Aptitude test as the first step of screening students for intake in LLM and PhD courses. 

What is the ILI CAT Exam?

The Indian Institute of Law conducts a Common Aptitude test as the first step of screening students for intake in LLM and PhD courses. 

When will the ILI CAT examination be conducted in 2023?

The ILI CAT Exam will be conducted in April 2023. The official Notification is yet to be out. The notification will also disclose the dates of registration for the examination. 

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