How Much Percentile is Required for Top IITs?

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Every Joint Entrance Exam student has a question related to the JEE cut-off in their mind once in a while. Questions are floating all over the internet related to the requirement of the percentile for top IITs. Generally, the minimum percentile required to get into an IIT is 90 percentile. The JEE mains score can lie between 15000 to 20,000 to get a seat in a top IIT. To know more about How Much Percentile is Required for Top IITs, you can read about this article till the end.

Minimum Percentile for Top IITs

Generally, a score of at least 90 percentile is required for admission to any of the top IITs. This translates to a JEE Mains score somewhere between 230 and 250. Additionally, securing a rank between 15,000 and 20,000 significantly improves your chances.

Expected Ranks and Scores

The table below provides a historical perspective on percentiles, ranks, and scores for JEE Mains:

YearGeneral (%)ST(%)SC(%)OBC-NCL

This is just an estimation based on past trends. The actual cutoffs may vary slightly each year.

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Normalization in JEE Mains

The National Testing Agency (NTA) applies a normalization process to account for differences in difficulty levels across multiple exam sessions. This ensures a fair comparison of scores.

  • IIITs and NITs: You can expect to get into these institutes with rankings above 20,000.
  • Other Top Colleges (Group A): For colleges like NIT Trichy, Warangal, Rourkela, Surathkal, and MNNIT Allahabad, a percentile between 80-85 and a rank between 200-20,000 might be necessary. (These colleges might have separate application processes).
  • Group B Colleges: If you have a percentile around 80 and don’t wish to take a gap year, Group B colleges (like VNIT Maharashtra, NIT Silchar, etc.) can be a good option. Ranks can vary depending on your category and choices

While a high percentile increases your chances of getting into a top IIT, remember that other factors like seat availability and reservation quotas also play a role. Keep working hard and focus on improving your score!

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What is the minimum percentile required for JEE Advanced?

You need to qualify for JEE Mains first. There’s no separate minimum percentile for JEE Advanced, but historically, scoring well in JEE Mains (around 250) is a good indicator.

What are the eligibility criteria for JEE Mains?

The 75% eligibility requirement has been relaxed for 2023. Now, you can appear for JEE Mains if you secured 75% marks or belong to the top 20% of your class in Grade 12. (For SC/ST students, the minimum is 65%).

What rank is required for the top 5 IIT?

If you’re aiming for the top IITs, you’ll need a rank higher than 500. Something more than 4500 will do for the more recent IITs. Candidates must place between the 85th and 95th percentiles in JEE Main and score at least 250 to even be considered for admission to IITs.

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