Best Books for Karnataka TET 2023: Preparation Tips, Prices, Link to Buy 

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Best Books for Karnataka TET

Best Books for Karnataka TET 2023: Karnataka TET (Teacher Eligibility Test) is a state-level annual examination conducted to assess the cognitive aptitude and temperament of candidates who wish to pave their career paths in the domain of education in Karnataka. Those who wish to work as academicians or teachers (for classes 1 to 12) in the state of Karnataka are encouraged to apply for the said exam. With a broad variety of study guides and books available on the market, choosing publications that are inappropriate or inadequate would only impede one’s exam preparation. 

Therefore, candidates interested in partaking in the said exam must be judicious whilst selecting their source materials. In this article, we have curated and shortlisted some of the best books for the Karnataka TET Exam preparation. The following list has been curated and segregated on the basis of different sections of the exam syllabus, namely Child Development and Pedagogy, Mathematics, Environmental Studies, Social Studies, and Language. 

Exam Name  KARTET
Full Form  Karnataka Teacher Eligibility Test
Purpose  To gauge the eligibility of candidates aspiring to work as teachers in Karnataka. 
Conducting Authority  Karnataka School Education Board (KSEB)
Exam Date  3 September 2023
KARTET Official Website 

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Best Books for Karnataka TET 2023  

The Karnataka TET Exam is primarily administered in two papers, i.e., Paper 1 and Paper  2. Candidates appearing for the papers are required to cover topics from subjects such as Child Development and Pedagogy, Mathematics, Environmental Studies, Social Studies and Language (English). Therefore, it is advisable for one to prepare for their exam from dedicated reference books for Karnataka TET. Here is a list of books that you can refer to for each section. 

Best Books for Child Development and Pedagogy

The Child Development & Pedagogy (CDP) section of the exam aims to gauge an individual’s understanding of the educational psychology of a child. Aspirants can refer to the following list of books to ace this section. 

Book  Author/Publisher
Price Buying Link
Best 2000 Smart Question Bank for CTET
and State TETs
Testbook INR 250 Click Here
The Psychology of Child Development: With
an Introduction by John Dewey
Irvin King   INR 1,826 Click Here
Essentials Of Educational Psychology S.K.Mangal INR 547 Click Here
Child Development  Laura.E.Berk INR 4,000 Click Here

Best Books for Mathematics

The following list of books will provide candidates with a comprehensive understanding of the various concepts and fundamentals of the subject. Refer to the following books to score higher in the KARTET’s Mathematics section. 

Book Name  Author/Publisher Name  Price Buying Link 
NCERT Maths for Class 10  NCERT  INR 204 Click Here
Quantitative Aptitude R.S. Aggarwal INR 498 Click Here 
Magical Book on Quicker Maths  M. Tyra INR 362 Click Here

Best Books for Environmental Studies

This section of the exam is designed to assess an individual’s cognitive prowess and understanding of the study of nature/environment and various factors and aspects. The following list of books will guide students through the syllabus and help them achieve higher scores on their exams

Book  Author/Publisher Name Price  Buying Link
NIOS All-is-Well (EVS 333) Environmental
Science Class 12 Guide
NEERAJ INR 250   Click Here 
Environmental Studies: From Crisis To Cure R. Rajagopalan  INR 375 Click Here

Best Books for Social Studies

Candidates can refer to the following books to understand the various concepts and aspects of social studies. These books are reputed for providing succinct and accurate information that is easy to comprehend and follow. 

Book  Author/Publisher
Price Buying Link 
Ratna Sagar My Big Book OF Social
Studies- 2022
Ratna Sagar INR 510 Click Here
Viva Social Studies Viva   INR 249 Click Here

Best Books for Language

Individuals can refer to the following books to hone their understanding and skills of language and its various aspects. 

Book Name  Author/Publisher Name Price  Buying Link
NCERT English for Class 12 NCERT  INR 110 Click Here
English Grammar  Wren and Martin INR 532 Click Here 

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How to Choose Books for Karnataka TET 2023 Exam? 

One must keep in mind the following guidelines while selecting or purchasing books for KARTET Exam 2023. This will not only help one save time but will also not cause hindrance in one’s exam preparation. 

  • Students must always purchase the latest editions of books. This will ensure that an individual is well-versed with the latest updates regarding the curriculum. Apart from that, this will also guide students about the latest exam pattern and syllabus. 
  • Purchasing study materials from designated examination centres is one way of ensuring that you are getting relevant and accurate information regarding the syllabus and its subjects.
  • One must opt for books that are more comprehensible to understand and provide better information. This can be discerned by comparing various books and going through them meticulously. 
  • It is advisable for students to purchase books that come with their own samples or mock papers for practice. 
  • One must always purchase books written or published by notable authors/publications. 

Karnataka TET 2023 Preparation Tips 

Candidates aspiring to partake in the Karnataka TET 2023 Exam can refer to the following preparation tips to ace their exams. Have a look. 

  1. It is critical for aspirants to evaluate or assess their syllabus prior to commencing their preparation. One must always start their preparation by focusing on the topics that carry the most weight regarding scores and questions. 
  2. One must study the previous years’ exam patterns to comprehend the exam’s structure, marking scheme, and the types of questions that may be asked. 
  3. Revisions are the most crucial aspect of exam preparation. One must thoroughly revise their topics and subjects to score higher in the Karnataka TET 2023 Exam. Revisions will not only hone one’s knowledge but will also allow one to learn something new. 
  4. One must attempt mock exams to improve timing and accuracy. 


Is it easy to clear KARTET Exam?

The KARTET Exam is conducted to gauge the eligibility of candidates who wish to work as academicians or teachers in the state of Karnataka at the primary and secondary levels. The difficulty level of the exam ranges from moderate to tough. 

How many times does KARTET gets conducted in a year?

The KARTET exam is conducted once a year in offline mode. 

What is the validity of the KARTET certificate?

The KARTET Exam certificate holds a validity of seven years. 

The Karnataka TET exam is undertaken by those individuals who aspire to pave a career for themselves in the domain of teaching and academics in the state of Karnataka. It is crucial for aspirants to clear the KARTET entrance exam to be deemed eligible for recruitment. That being said, with prior knowledge and exam preparation, one can easily ace the KARTET examinations. 

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