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biography of Aruna Asaf Ali

Aruna Asaf Ali, also known as the ‘Grand Old Lady Of Indian Independence’  was an Indian freedom fighter and had a prominent role in the Quit India Movement, she was born in Kalka Punjab which is now the state of Haryana and had a great influence on the Indian Independence Struggle. Read this blog to learn more about the life of Aruna Asaf Ali and her contributions to Indian society.

Overview of Aruna Asaf Ali’s Life

Name Aruna Asaf Ali
ProfessionsEducator, Political Activist
NicknameGrand Old Lady Of Indian Independence
Date Of BirthJuly 16, 1909
Place Of BirthKalka Punjab now Haryana
Known ForHoisting the Indian National Flag at the Gowalia Tank Maidan during the Quit India Movement (1942)First Mayor of Delhi (Post-Independence)
Political PartyCommunist Party Of India
Other Affiliations Indian National Congress
Awards Bharat RatnaJawaharlal Nehru AwardPadma Vibushan International Lenin Peace Prize

Aruna Asaf Ali’s Early Life

Born on July 16, 1909, in Kalka Punjab which is now Haryana.

  • Upendranath Ganguly and Ambalika Devi. Ambalika Devi was the daughter of Trailokyanath Sanyal a prominent leader of the Brahmo Samaj
  • Aruna graduated from All Saints College in Nainital and started working as a teacher at the Gokhale Memorial School in Calcutta.

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Contribution To The Indian Freedom Struggle

PeriodActivity Significance
The early 1930sParticipated in protests during the Salt SatyagrahaShe demonstrated her commitment to non-violent resistance against British rule.
1930Arrested for activismHighlighted the British practice of detaining protestors.
1942Hoisted The Indian National Flag at Gowalia Tank MaidanBecame a powerful symbol of defiance during the Quit India Movement, inspiring others to continue the fight for freedom despite leadership arrests.
Later Part Of 1942Used to edit the magazine ‘Inquilab’Helped to keep the spirit of resistance alive by disseminating information and messages
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Aruna Asaf Ali’s Life Post Independence

After India’s independence, she became a member of the Congress Socialist Party.

  • She left the Congress Socialist Party and joined the Communist Party of India (CPI).
  • Asaf Ali, her husband, died in 1953.
  • She formed the women’s wing of CPI, called the National Federation of Indian Women, in 1954.
  • In 1958, she became the first mayor of Delhi.
  • Aruna Asaf Ali passed away on July 29, 1996, at the age of 87.


Who was Aruna Asaf Ali?

Aruna Asaf Ali was an Indian freedom fighter known for her role in the Quit India Movement and as the first Mayor of Delhi post-independence.

What was Aruna Asaf Ali known for?

She gained prominence for hoisting the Indian National Flag during the Quit India Movement in 1942, symbolizing defiance against British rule.

What were Aruna Asaf Ali’s major contributions? 

Aruna Asaf Ali contributed significantly to India’s freedom struggle through activism, including her role in protests and as a leader in the Quit India Movement.

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