Difference Between KVA and KW

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Difference Between KVA and KW

The main difference between kVA and kW is that kVA represents apparent power which includes the real and reactive power components, while kW represents real power which means the power consumed or utilized for productive tasks.

As mentioned, Both are measurements of power, but understanding the difference between both terms is important. This blog will give you detailed information on the difference between kVA and kW, along with their real-life examples. 

What is kVA?

kVA means the apparent power in an electrical system. It is a measure of the total power in a system, including both real power (kW) and reactive power (kVAR).

It is used for components like transformers, generators, and switchgear, as they must handle both real and reactive power.

What is kw?

kW means the real power, which is the actual power consumed in a system and converted into useful work, such as lighting, heating, or mechanical energy.

kW is useful for knowing the actual power requirements of devices and determining energy efficiency.

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What is the Difference Between kVA and kW?

As specified above, there are major differences between both terms. Here is the tabular representation of major differences based on different factors:

Nature of PowerBoth real and reactive powerReal Power
DefinitionkVA is accessed to do work and the rest is considered excess in current.Denotes the actual power which does the valid work.
Full formkilovolt ampereskilowatts
Power ValuePower is equal in DC circuits.Power is different in AC circuits.

Applications of kVA and kW in Real Life

Here are some applications of kVA and kW in real-life

  1. kVA is used in big electrical equipment like transformers and generators. While kW is the actual power used by devices like heaters, lights, and motors.
  2. kVA is very important for knowing total power demand, including both real and reactive power. While kW helps in understanding how much energy different devices consume.
  3. kVA helps in managing electricity bills, especially for businesses. The other use of kW is knowing the energy efficiency and also optimizing the electricity usage.

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Which value is bigger kVA or kW?

The value of KVA is 1.25 in terms of 1 KW for power. 

What is kVA?

The meaning of kVA is the apparent power of an electric system.

What is kW?

kW in an electric system represents the actual value.

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