Volgograd State Medical University

Public University

Volgograd, Russia

Situated in the wonderful city of Volgograd, Volgograd State Medical University was established in 1935 in Volgograd, across the west bank of Volga River. The university has a very rich and twisted history which has witnessed the rise and fall of Soviet Union and the birth of emerging power, Russian Read more



Highlights of Volgograd State Medical University

  • Volgograd State Medical University is one of the first universities in Volgograd to receive accreditation from the Russian Ministry for Education for the teaching of both Russian and overseas students. 
  • Volgograd State Medical University started English programs since 2000 which has been appreciated by many foreign students and academicians. 
  • The most renowned colleges of Volgograd State Medical University for the international students are the College of General Medicine and the College of Dentistry. 
  • One of the biggest libraries of Volgograd is in Volgograd State Medical University which has a collection over 700,000 books in different languages. 
  • As per the department for physical training in Volgograd State Medical University, it is compulsory for all students get physical training in the first and second years. 
  • Every year the Indian students and the Malaysian students organize the cricket and football tournaments.
  • Volgograd State Medical University allows all students , especially international students to visit the theatres, cinemas, concert halls and museums located in the city and make it possible for the international students to learn and enjoy the Russian culture. 
  • Volgograd State Medical University is one of the few universities in Russia to be listed in the Directory of Higher Medical Schools recognized by the World Health Organization. Students graduated from VU are allowed to practice medicine in any country in the world (after passing country’s national exam) 

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