List of 20+ Work Vocabulary IELTS

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List of 20+ Work Vocabulary IELTS

The IELTS Speaking test is organised to measure the candidates speaking skills in the English language. Candidates who are planning to score a better band on the IELTS test must have sufficient knowledge and fluency about the words. Candidates need to enhance their world fluency, grammatical correctness, pronunciation and vocabulary for the IELTS Speaking test. In this article, we are going to talk about the Work Vocabulary IELTS.

Work Vocabulary IELTS

The IELTS vocabulary test is conducted with the objective of testing the candidate’s communication skills, pronunciation and fluency about the words. The IELTS vocabulary test often consists of words related to daily life topics, which you have to answer the questions at the given time. Candidates can check the table given below which highlights the ‘Work’ vocabulary for IELTS and their use in sentences.

Words related to Words Use in Sentence
Career  You must stick to your career plans if you want to reach the top.
Colleague She is going on a trip with her colleague next month.
Deadline Tuesday is the deadline to submit this task.
Entrepreneur Her mother is a successful entrepreneur and has built a name for herself in the Stock market.
Freelance A lot of young people are working as a freelancer these days.
Hierarchy She is being promoted by the senior manager, who is top of the office hierarchy.
Innovation There’s always room for innovation.
Leadership To become a successful team leader, one must have good leadership qualities.
Networking His brother has built a name in networking.
Overtime Her manager has strictly ordered everyone to work overtime on Friday.
Productivity The teacher wants productivity in our answers.
Resume  You must carry your latest resume while appearing for your job interview.
Salary Some private companies pay their employees salaries in cash.
Workload In the past month, our workload has increased a lot.
Labour 1st May is celebrated as Labour Day.
Effort Our manager expects us to put in extra effort in the coming projects.
Grind If you want to excel in your field, you must grind yourself each day.
Duty It is our moral duty to respect our fellow colleagues.
Service Our teacher wants us to volunteer for the community service.
Drudgery Playing sports offers an escape from the drudgery of camp life.
Industry The Textile industry is growing at an unprecedented rate.

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Work Idioms and Phrases for IELTS

The IELTS Speaking test often consists of idioms and phrases, where candidates are required to make a sentence and explain their meanings. Work idioms and phrases are frequently asked in the test, which helps the examiner to measure candidates’ English language proficiency. The table below highlights Work idioms and phrases for IELTS and their uses in sentences.

Work Idioms and Phrases Use in Sentence
On the same page The manager asked all the employees to be on the same page before moving on to the next project.
Stepping stone He considers his current job just as a stepping stone to better opportunities.
Monday morning quarterback With the increasing number of accidents, the Monday morning quarterbacks criticised the local administration for poor road construction.
A day late and a dollar short He wanted us to support him during the election campaign, but it’s a day late and a dollar short.
All hands on deck To meet the deadline, our manager wants all hands on deck.
Back to the drawing board The damage he has suffered has pushed him back to the drawing board.
Burning the midnight oil If you really want to crack the UPSC exam, you must burn the midnight oil.
Close ranks A family must work in close ranks.
Cut corners I don’t want you to cut corners for my new car modification.
Deadwood The CEO has warned all the managers to punish all the deadwood employees.
Elephant in the room Sometimes we all ignore this kind of problem, but it’s like an elephant in a room.
Golden handcuffs Our company doesn’t offer any golden handcuffs.
In the driver’s seat You must not sit in the driver’s seat every time we face these kinds of issues.


What are the eligibility criteria for the IELT test?

To become eligible for the IELTS test, candidates must be over the age of 17 years and must possess a high school or equivalent certificate.

What is the name of the IELTS conducting body?

The International English Language Testing System is conducted jointly by the British Council, IDP: IELTS Australia and the Cambridge Assessment English.

How to score a better band in the IELTS Vocabulary?

Candidates who want to secure a better band in the IELTS Vocabulary must improve their word knowledge, pronunciation, fluency and grammar. The examiner measures all these aspects while calculating the final score.

The IELTS test is conducted frequently for candidates who want to pursue higher education abroad or who want to work abroad. Students preparing for the IELTS test must work on their vocabulary skills to score a higher band in the IELTS Speaking test.

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