Leadership Dissertation Topics

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Leadership Dissertation Topics

A dissertation is a lengthy essay that is based on the independent research of the author. In the final semester of UG, PG, and PhD courses, it is submitted. The dissertation requires a lot of research and written documentation, so it usually takes 1-2 years to finish. The purpose of a dissertation is to evaluate a student’s capacity for research. Through this, students can improve their research, problem-solving, project management, and numerical skills. Students learn how to present their evidence-based conclusions to the thesis they selected while writing a dissertation.

Leadership Dissertations

Leading and guiding subordinates for group well-being is a quality of leadership. Few people actually succeed in achieving their dream of becoming a leader. It’s because management and leadership are two very dissimilar ideas. Neither a manager nor a leader can be both at the same time. Consequently, a leader is capable of managing a team without having formal authority.

Having said that, exploring and studying the field of leadership is fascinating. If you want to write a dissertation on leadership and are in desperate need of some outstanding leadership research topics, don’t worry; we’ve got you covered. Find the most interesting and pertinent list of leadership research topics.

Leadership Dissertation Topics

Below mentioned is a suitable list of leadership dissertation topics to guide you as a potential researcher.

Leadership and Organisational Culture

To analyse how leaders can help in improving the culture of the organization.

Negative Leadership and its effects on the organization

To check how negative leadership can affect the organization.

How employee productivity can lead to effective leadership?

To examine how the productivity of employees can turn out in leadership quality.

How decision making can make an influence ethical leadership?

To analyse how effective decision-making can make ethical leadership.

How organisational challenges can be solved through a leadership role?

To analyse how leaders can be helpful in sorting out organisational challenges.

Additional Leadership Dissertation Topics

Check out the additional leadership dissertation topics mentioned below:

  • How Leadership & Sustainability can lead to Climate Crisis
  • Transformations and leadership
  • How emotional intelligence can enhance leadership development
  • Team Behavior and Aspects of Leadership
  • Effective leadership learning processes in an organisation
  • How do your innovation strategy and leadership create a business?
  • A closer look at leadership in evidence-based management
  • How can communication skills enhance leadership development?
  • How do leadership and management relations build up a business?
  • Analysis of leadership style on the performance of employees
  • Exploring the link between poor leadership and organizational culture?
  • A critical analysis of social and leadership skills for new Entrepreneurs

Skills Required

No matter what kind of dissertation you write or what subject you choose, you must demonstrate the following skills:

  • Defining and outlining a research topic with a particular issue: determining the most significant issues.
  • Getting the required information: Taking its reliability and validity into account.
  • Considering the evidence from both sides of a debate to reach a well-informed decision
  • putting your study’s results into a coherent, engrossing, and persuasive presentation while adhering to all formatting requirements.

Effective Dissertation Writing Tips

Some of the main writing tips to write a dissertation are as follows:

Organize your time first

Create a schedule for the day and specify your deadlines. Determine how long a section or chapter will take to write. Select the time and begin working on it. You’ll be able to finish this within the allotted time if you do it in this manner.

Keep in mind that the first draught of your essay is not the finished product. Verify your writing several times for errors. This will force you to be more specific when describing your augmentations.

Leave the introduction until the conclusion

To give yourself time to collect your thoughts, try to write the main body first. As you have been working on the introduction for a while, you will be able to present it clearly in this way.

Don’t wait until the very last minute to ask your boss for feedback

Try to share your research work more frequently and much earlier than the deadline to give yourself plenty of time to correct any mistakes. You might be able to avoid having to rewrite several chapters and sections.

Use a reference manager to save time and make it simpler for you to cite sources.

To get a sense of how to organise your dissertation, look at our example. Here is a guide that will walk you through the process of writing a dissertation.


What is the most difficult leadership skill?

One challenging quality for leadership skills is “Self-Awareness”.

What is a leadership research paper?

It represents a study of theories, approaches to its development, and styles of leadership.

What is a good thesis statement for leadership?

Becoming an effective leader depends on the leader’s leadership style. Successful leaders have vision and charisma, also Leaders should have an ongoing personality, and be talkative, careful and self-disciplined.

These were some popular leadership dissertation topics common for recruitment and admission processes. Hopefully, this blog has given you a better insight into leadership. For further assistance on how to prepare an application to universities abroad, seek help from the Leverage Edu experts to make your dream come true. Our mentors will help you draft a perfect application and guide you with other admission-related rounds. 

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