CSR Dissertation Topics

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CSR Dissertation

Writing a dissertation? Why not choose a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) topic? CSR is the way businesses take responsibility for their stakeholders. While looking at corporate social responsibility managers tend to ask the question “Who are we harming through our actions and how can we reduce it?” For this reason, some businesses will try to focus on broader social-environmental issues to lend their support.  As a result, topics from CSR are a great choice for your dissertation.  

Importance of Corporate Social Responsibility

CSR is a self-regulating business model that helps a company to be socially accountable to its stockholders and the public. The importance of corporate social responsibility to society is as follows.

CSR encourages Client Loyalty

To retain customers businesses need to pay attention to what the customers care about.  When customers feel like they are expressing their belief in support of a particular business they are likely to continue with the brand. When they purchase from the brand they would feel a sense of pride. As a result, they are likely to recommend it.

CSR Competitive Advantage 

Customers are loyal to companies that share their beliefs. Although the same products are offered by other companies. They will purchase the product of the company that they share their beliefs with. This is the Corporate social responsibility competitive advantage.

CSR Enhances the Happiness of Employees

80% of employees feel a higher sense of purpose when they believe that their employment has a positive impact on the world. Employees who are personally fulfilled are less susceptible to stress and are more likely to stay with the organization.

CSR Sustainability

When a business prioritizes corporate responsibility it has to be imaginative and creative. It compels the company to remain relevant and adapt to the client’s needs. Such adaptability is critical for the sustainability of an organization

CSR Dissertation Topics for Discussion

Below are the CSR thesis topics that you can take up for discussion 

Sustainability CSR Dissertation 

  • A quantitative examination of the effect Corporate Social Responsibility has on company sustainability
  • To what extent does Coca-Cola’s CSR program coincide with the UN sustainable development goals?
  • To what degree dealing with climate issues a corporate responsibility?To what degree does Starbucks’ corporate social responsibility pro
  • Does gram coincide with the United Nations’ sustainable development goals?

Role and Impact of Corporate Social Responsibility

  • What effect do employer-sponsored volunteer days have based on a multi-stakeholder survey?
  • To what extent is CSR is linked with business values?
  • Examine whether customers in the fashion sector care about CSR
  • Find out the environmental impact of CSR in the energy sector
  • Find out the financial impact of CSR: A before and after comparison of Marks and Spencer’s Plan 
  • Can enterprises use CSR to gain a competitive edge? Do a case study of small and medium-sized companies from the health and wellness industry

Coronavirus and CSR

  • Examining the dangers associated with reactive CSR approaches to the coronavirus problem.
  • Has the COVID-19 situation resulted in a reduction in CSR spending?
  • Examining the retail sector’s Corporate Social Responsibility dilemma after the coronavirus pandemic

On the challenges of CSR

  • Responsible education: Developing organizational-wide CSR competences
  • Analyzing the pragmatic as well as the ethical challenges to Corporate Social Responsibility Disclosure
  • How can businesses incorporate Corporate Social Responsibility across the value chain?
  • Conducting a study of top executives’ attitudes toward CSR Is it real or is it greenwashing?
  • Developing a culture of social responsibility inside an organization: A qualitative method

CSR General Topics for Discussion

These are the CSR general topics that you can take up for dissertation discussion.

  • Gender diversity impact on the BOD (board of directors) and foreign ownership on CSR performance
  • The importance of voluntary CSR reporting and gender diversity on the board of directors
  • Is there any sort of connection between CSR and equity finance?
  • Impact of CSR on brand value and company performance
  • The impact of financial limits when it comes to corporate social responsibility
  • Does CSR have varying value consequences for different shareholders?
  • The influence on company performance of CSR and business irresponsibility 
  • Institutional structures at the country level, the role of CSR initiatives, and corporate values
  • Earnings Management and the CSR practices
  • Efficient Use of Investment Capital and CSR
  • CSR and conflict Among Shareholders

Corporate Social Responsibility from Ethical Perspective 

CSR and business ethics are different concepts but are used interchangeably when referring to the same topic. Businessmen may violate the established moral norms while conducting business. Hence, Corporate Social Responsibility is a price paid by businesses as a penalty for breaching some of their rights. It explains why the revenue gained is used for restoring public health and the environment.


What does CSR mean?

CSR stands for corporate social responsibility. It means a company should play a positive role in society and consider the environmental and social impact of their business decisions.

What are the four main types of CSR?

The four main types of CSR are- environmental, ethical, philanthropic, and economic responsibility.

What are the current issues of CSR?

Working conditions, human rights, corruption prevention, gender equality, corporate governance, consumer interest, taxes, and occupational integration are some of the current issues of CSR.

Corporate social responsibility has been a part of ethical business behavior. Hence, corporate social responsibility has to be ingrained in an organization’s strategy. Need assistance in studying abroad? Call Leverage Edu at 1800 572 000 and book our free 30-minute counseling session today.

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