7 Best Online Urdu Classes and Certifications for Beginners

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Online Urdu Classes

Urdu is one of the best languages to learn if you want to travel, work, or study in the UAE, Qatar, Oman, Great Britain, Pakistan, or Northern India. It is the 20th most spoken language in the world. Therefore, it is an excellent choice for those who want to learn a second language. Fortunately, there are plenty of online Urdu classes available. These classes are flexible and are available at a reasonable price. Keep reading to learn more about the best online Urdu classes and Certifications. 

Best Resouces for Online Urdu ClassesValue
Urdu Pod 101Best for audio lessons 
Aamozish Largest online Urdu learning community
Italki UrduBest for 1-1 lessons 
Udemy Urdu12 Urdu courses for beginners
Memrise Urdu Best for memorization 
Pimsleur UrduLearn Urdu basics in 30 days
Telangana State Urdu Academy Cheapest online course with certification

7 Best Online Urdu Classes and Certifications 

There are plenty of online Urdu classes for beginners. Most of these courses offer certification while others are best for self-learning. On the other hand, some of these courses are free while others are paid.  Here we have listed 7 Urdu’s best online courses and certifications.

Urdu Pod 101

Online Urdu Classes

Credit: Urdupod101.com

The Urdu Pod 101 is one of the finest resources for online Urdu classes. The audio lessons are available in the form of a podcast and are suitable for beginners. They have a large variety of Urdu content and a clean lesson interface. Moreover, the content can be downloaded. Study tools such as slideshows, slowed audios, and flashcards are available for a better learning experience. Additionally, personalized guidance from a tutor is also available.

Price $4.50 Per Month (on offer)

Website: https://www.urdupod101.com/

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The Joy of Learning Urdu Online: Aamozish 

Online Urdu Classes

Credit: Aamozish.com

Started by the Rekha Foundation, Aamozish is the world’s largest online Urdu learning community. The online Urdu classes focus on Urdu script, and Urdu vocabulary (part 1&2). The course is best for a person who wants to learn the language basics in 7 days by spending an hour daily. Moreover, a certification is available after completing each course.

Duration7 hours (each course)
Price INR  199 (per course)

Website: https://aamozish.com/

Italki Urdu

Online Urdu Classes

Credit: Italki

Italki Urdu is another great platform for online Urdu classes. The website connects the learners with the teachers and conversation partners. Learners can book 1-1 lessons around their schedule, and enter the virtual classroom to start learning. Moreover, students can also opt for group lessons or connect with the Italki community. The classes are taken by qualified native speakers.

Price $10 per class 

Website: https://www.italki.com/en/affshare?ref=Mezzofanti

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Udemy Urdu

Online Urdu Classes

Credit: Udemy 

Udemy is one of the best websites for online Urdu classes. A total of 12 classes are available in the language. Most of these courses are meant for beginners and offer a certification. Some of the popular courses include Urdu Speaking Course from Beginning to Advanced, Easy Urdu Learning 101, and Complete Urdu Handwriting Course, among others.

DurationVaries depending on the course 
Price Free- INR 3,199

Website: https://www.udemy.com/topic/urdu-language/

Memrise Urdu 

Online Urdu Classes

Credit: Memrise 

Founded by Oxford Alumni, Memrise is one of the best second-language learning platforms. The website has come up after deep research on memory techniques, and neuroscience. Just as the name suggests, the platform helps in ‘memorization’. The online Urdu classes are available for free in the form of a gamified flashcard deck.  Select the language and start ‘watering the plants’ to learn. It is engaging and highly addictive.

DurationSelf paced
Price Free

Website: https://explore.memrise.com/50offannual?irclickid=RYjUpZ3KcxyPUmWzPTQaX27KUkFSQL3Rq1l9Tc0&irgwc=1&utm_source=Affiliate&utm_medium=Affiliate&utm_campaign=year50off

Pimsleur Urdu

Credit: Pimsleur

Pimsleur Urdu is another good resource for online Urdu classes. The website helps a student learn a new language using spaced repetition. The classes are meant for beginners and emphasize practical vocabulary and expressions that can be useful while interacting with native speakers. For example, greetings, common phrases, etc. The platform is best for those who want to learn Urdu by listening and speaking.

DurationSelf- paced 
Price $14.95 a month subscription (or $119.95 per level)

Website: https://offers.pimsleur.com/free-trial-14041-intl?utm_source=impact&utm_medium=affiliate&utm_campaign=

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Short-term Online URDU Basic Course: Telangana State Urdu Academy 

Credit: urduacademyts.com

The  Short-term Online URDU Basic Course is best for those looking for certification from a government institution. The courses are meant for beginners and cover topics such as alphabets and words, two and 3 letter words, among others. The introductory course is available at a very low price.

Price INR 300

Website: https://urduacademyts.com/ecourse/urdu-online-course-details/

5 Tips for Urdu Learning for Beginners

Beginners can find it challenging to learn a new language. Therefore we have provided a list of the 5 best tips for Urdu learning for beginners. 

  1. Start with the basics: Rather than delving into the grammar and vocabulary. It is best to familiarise yourself with the basics. For example, Alphabets, and the Urdu script. Emphasize learning the everyday phases.
  2. Watch and listen to Urdu content: Urdu movies, podcasts, music, and TV shows can help a learner get an idea of how native speakers communicate.
  3. Practice Urdu speaking aloud. It can help in developing fluency in the language and improving the pronunciation skills.
  4. Engage in conversations in Urdu: By connecting with native speakers it is possible to learn Urdu fast. 
  5. Set small, specific goals, and practice regularly to learn the language.

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Can I learn Urdu online?

Yes. It is possible to learn Urdu completely online. Several websites offer online Urdu classes. For example, Urdu Pod 101, Aamozish, Italki, and Udemy, among others. The course content, prices, and duration might differ based on the website. However, most of the lessons offered by these websites are well-suited for beginners.

What is the best way to learn Urdu?

The best way to learn Urdu is by enrolling in an Urdu class (online/offline). Practice the study materials and also expose yourself to Urdu content such as Urdu music, movies, and podcasts. Speaking with native speakers can also do wonders.

Is learning Urdu useful?

Yes. Learning Urdu can help in connecting with the South Asian community. Moreover, it can also help if a person wants to work in UAE, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, or Northern India.

Hope this blog provides you with all the important details, for more information about such courses, visit our online courses page.

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