7 Best Online UPSC Courses to Apply in 2024

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online upsc course

Online UPSC courses grant flexibility to the UPSC CSE aspirants. All the study, materials, tests, and lectures can be accessed from the comfort of their home. Moreover, it allows them to focus on their studies and give time to other commitments.  For this reason, several students enrol in online classes. Preparing for the UPSC exams is not an easy task. Correct guidance is necessary to clear the most competitive exam. Therefore, we have provided a list of the 7 best online UPSC courses that you can enrol in today. Keep reading to learn more about them. 

Online UPSC CourseValue 
Only IAS by Physics Wallah Cost-effective courses 
Shankar IAS Academy UPSC – Classroom & OnlineSufficient study materials 
Vajiram and Ravi UPSC Online CoachingComprehensive courses 
Unacademy UPSC CSE – GS course Best app for  UPSC CSE – GS course 
Dhristi IAS Online CourseLive UPSC classes 
Vision IAS Online UPSC Course Best for foundation courses 
Rau’s IAS Study Circle IAS CoachingBest for IAS preparation

Benefits of UPSC Online Courses 

There are several benefits of enrolling in an online UPSC course. Some of these benefits are provided below. 

  • UPSC CSE online coaching allows students to get the study materials online. This includes the video lectures, PDFs, notebooks, etc. 
  • The interactive learning experience is provided to the students with the help of doubt-solving sessions and live classes.
  • Regular mock tests are conducted to evaluate the preparation level of the students and analyze their strengths and weaknesses.
  • Personalized learning plans are provided to the students. Moreover, these classes emphasize time management techniques.

Top 7 Online UPSC Courses

Here is a list of the 7 best online UPSC courses that a student can choose to enroll in. The course details such as fee, duration, etc are provided for your convenience. Note; online UPSC courses do not come with certification. Rather they prepare the student for the examination by providing adequate materials. 

Only IAS by Physics Wallah 

online upsc course
Credit: pw.live

The Only IAS by Physics Wallah offers one of the most cost-effective courses. The courses are available in English, Hindi, and Hinglish. Some of the available courses on this platform are; UPSC NCERT Foundation, UPSC optional sociology, UPSC optional PSIR, optional history, etc. The website is popular among students for downloading test series. Enrolling in hybrid or offline classes is also an option among learners.

Class format Online, offline 
FeesStart at INR 2999 (per course)
Duration Varies 

Website: https://www.pw.live/online-course-physics-wallah-upsc

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Shankar IAS Academy UPSC – Classroom & Online

online upsc course

The Shankar IAS Academy offers one of the finest online UPSC courses. Those enrolling in the classes provided here can access sufficient study materials including test series, current affairs magazines, etc. Personalized attention is provided to students, and feedback facilities are available. Learners can get LMS access, online class tests, online live classes, test series for both mains and prelims digitally. 

Class format Online, offline 
FeesINR 1,36,000 (general studies course)
Duration Varies (depending on the course) 

Website: https://www.shankariasacademy.com/upsc-ias-ips-online-course/

Vajiram and Ravi UPSC Online Coaching

online upsc course

Vajiram and Ravi UPSC coaching institute is offering several online UPSC courses. For example, the V&R 2-Year Prelims Cum Mains Fledgling General Studies Comprehensive Live-Online Programme, Online Optional Subject Coaching for UPSC Preparation, V&R StepUp Online Mentorship Programme, Online Prelims Test Series, etc. Each of these courses has a different duration and price. Nevertheless, these are comprehensive courses that a student can enroll in based on their area of interest. 

Class format Online
FeesStart at INR 2,25,000 (per course)
Duration Varies 


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Unacademy UPSC CSE – GS course 

online upsc course

Unacademy is another great platform for those wanting to clear the UPSC CSE GS. The app offers live classes by top educators. The lecture videos are available in playlist format covering the entire syllabus. Adaptive practice tests are also available. The test series helps the student to boost their academic performance. Moreover, doubts are resolved immediately. Some of the  UPSC CSE – GS classes are available for free.

Class format Online, offline 
FeesFree and paid courses
Duration Varies 


Dhristi IAS Online Course

online upsc course

Dhritsti IAS offers several UPSC online live courses. These online UPSC courses can be accessed on the Dhristi app. The courses are available in Hindi as well. Moreover, students can take advantage of the test series. However, each course requires a separate fee payment. A few of the courses are also available in Pendrive format. Those who seek to learn more can enroll in their offline classes as well,. Some of the available online live classes are Target IAS Prelims 2024: G.S. Paper-1, and IAS Mains Course. 

Class format Online, offline 
FeesStart at INR 20,000 (per course)
Duration Varies 

Website: https://www.drishtiias.com/online-course

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Vision IAS Online UPSC Course 

online upsc course

Vision IAS is another great website for online UPSC courses. Students can enroll in online or offline classroom learning either in English or Hindi. Most of the classes are taken in regular batches. Some of the courses available on this platform are Foundation Course 2025 (without foundation classes), Foundation Course 2026 with pre-foundation classes etc. Apart from the regular classes, Vision IAS is also known for offering the best test series.

Class format Online, offline 
FeesStart at INR 1,50,000 (Foundation Course 2025)
Duration Varies 

Website: https://visionias.in/

Rau’s IAS Study Circle IAS Coaching

online upsc course

Rau’s IAS Study Circle IAS coaching offers one of the best online UPSC courses. The courses are innovative and are focused on IAS preparation covering the UPSC syllabus. Classes are available in Hindi and English. Some of the courses available on this website are; General Studies Coaching (UPSC Prelims & UPSC Mains Integrated), and Optional Subjects

for UPSC Mains Exam. Apart from the regular classes, students can also enroll for the test series courses.

Class format Online, offline 
FeesINR 95,500 (General studies coaching IAS prelims and mains integrated)
Duration Varies 

Website: https://www.rauias.com/

How to Choose the Best Online Coaching Institute for UPSC IAS?

UPSE CSE exams are one of the most popular Indian examinations. This has resulted in several educational institutions offering UPSE coaching facilities. However, before enrolling in an online class it is best to check if the online class provides the essential services. Here are some of the things to keep in mind before enrolling in an online coaching course for UPSC IAS.

  • Interactive support must be available. The student must be able to clarify his/her doubts instantly.
  • The institute must offer sufficient study materials and classes to the student. Moreover, the package provided by the institute must be specified. 
  • The student must be able to filter to the medium of instruction. Thus, enabling them to select the language they want to learn.

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Which UPSC online course is best?

Some of the best online UPSC courses are provided by Unacadmy, Vajiram & Ravi, Drishti IAS. These websites offer UPSC classes and provide plenty of study materials to learn from. 

Can I do UPSC coaching online?

Ans. Yes, if sufficient study material is available, interactive sessions with experienced faculty are accessible, and mock tests and practice papers are provided for regular assessment of the candidate, online coaching can be of great help in IAS preparation.

Is online classes good for UPSC?

Yes, online classes are excellent for UPSC examinations. However, it is important to ensure that you are enrolling in an institute that offers personalized guidance and support. 

Hope this blog provides you with all the important details, for more information about such courses, visit our online courses page.

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