7+ Best Homeopathy Courses Online with Certificates 

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online homeopathy course

Online Homeopathy courses are excellent for those seeking a job in the healthcare sector.  Those wanting to become a homeopathic doctor, physician, or public health specialist can take up these courses to increase their knowledge on the subject. These courses are cost-effective, practical, inspirational, and can be completed in the comfort of your home. Moreover, the course tutorials can be viewed several times. Online homeopathy courses are much cheaper than regular courses. Keep reading to learn more about the online homeopathy course.

Course Name Course Provider 
Enlightenment Education Homeopathy CourseEnlightenment Education
Traditional Herbal  Medicine in Supportive Cancer Care: From Alternative to IntegrativeIsrael Institute of Technology 
CHE online Homeopathy Course Centre for Homeopathy Education
E-Learning Homeopathy course International Academy of Classical Homeopathy 
Udemy Homeopathy CoursesUdemy
Online Homeopathy CourseSchool of Homeopathy 
Homeopathy Academy Courses Homeopathy Academy 
Free Homeopathy CoursesAlison

7 Best Online Homeopathy Courses

Here is a list of the 7 best online homeopathy courses for students. The course can be completed anytime, anywhere, and come with a certificate. We have provided the course details including the fees, and duration for your convenience.

Enlightenment Education  Online Homeopathy Course

online homeopathy course
Credit: onlinehomeopathycourse.com

Enlightenment Education online homeopathy courses are best for those seeking to gain homeopathy skills for their career and those who want to simply increase their knowledge. Some of the courses on this platform are approved by the ACHENA and AROH. Students can take part in course series, video lessons, or webinars. Some of the courses available on this platform are Homeopathy Heals and Management of Psychiatric Conditions with Homeopathy. Students will have to clear a final assessment to obtain a certificate. 

FeesStarts at INR 1400 per course
Certification Yes


Traditional Herbal  Medicine in Supportive Cancer Care: From Alternative to Integrative

online homeopathy course
Credit: Coursera 

The Israel Institute of Technology is offering a Traditional Herbal Medicine in Supportive Cancer Care course for students. The course consists of 14 modules and covers topics such as key concepts of traditional herbal medicine, defining nonconventional approaches to medical treatment, traditional Chinese herbal medicine, traditional ayurvedic medicine, European herbal medicine, etc. The course is meant for beginners and can be completed in 23 hours. The program is rated 4.8 on Coursera. 

Duration23 hours to complete
Certification Yes


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CHE Online Homeopathy Courses 

online homeopathy course
Credit: chehomeopathy.com

The Centre for Homeopathy Education offers several courses for students. For example, a 2-Year Fast Track Practitioner Course (Online), a 4-Year Practitioner Course (Part-Time), a Home Prescriber Course (FREE), and a foundation course.  Students can choose part-time or full-time courses depending on the time they have.  For every course, students can choose between online or classroom learning in London. A certificate is available after course completion. 

Duration2-4 years depending on the course 
Fees£6700 Price Per Year (2-Year Fast Track Practitioner Course)
Certification Yes


E-Learning Homeopathy course 

online homeopathy course
Credit: vithoulkas.edu.gr

International Academy of Classical Homeopathy E-Learning Homeopathy course is based on the principles of  Samuel Hahnemann. This online homeopathy course is held for 2 years. Some of the features of this course are video lectures, extensive notes, a moderator, self-assessment exercises and tests, a study guide and handbook, a discussion forum, administrative support, and technical support. A final exam is conducted post which a certificate is provided.

Duration750 hours
Certification Yes


Udemy Homeopathy Courses

online homeopathy course
Credit: Udemy 

Udemy is an excellent platform for online homeopathy courses. They offer a variety of courses to students. Generally, the curriculum consists of videos, articles, and other downloadable resources. Some of the popular courses available on this platform include the Fully Accredited Foundation Diploma Course in Naturopathy, the Fully Accredited Certificate in Homeopathy (Cert. Hom), Accredited Foundation Homeopathy Diploma Course, among others. A certificate is available after completion of the course.

FeesStarts at INR 549 per course
Certification Yes


Online Homeopathy Course

online homeopathy course
Credit: www.homeopathyschool.com

The School of Homeopathy is offering online homeopathy courses for students. The major benefits of this course are instant access to course content, organized learning resources, uploading assignments, feedback and comments, and audio and video lectures online. The online students can also take part in the monthly online clinics, webinars, online discussion groups,  and group and 1-1 tutorials with the personal tutor.  A certificate of completion is available for those to enroll in the prorgam.

Certification Yes


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Homeopathy Academy Courses 

online homeopathy course
Credit: thehomeopathicacademy.com

The Homeopathy Academy offers several online homeopathy courses. Some of the courses available on this platform are Learning The Art of Rapid Classical Miasmatic Prescribing, Principles of Homeopathic Prescribing | Modus Foundation, and Dermatology for Homeopaths, among others. Generally, the classes are available to intermediate and advanced learners only. The curriculum consists of video-based content and MCQs.

FeesStarts at INR 6299 per course 
Certification Yes


Free Online Homeopathy Courses

online homeopathy course
Credit: Alison

Alison is an excellent platform for free online homeopathy courses Some of the popular courses available on the website are Becoming a Holistic Health Practitioner, Understanding Homeopathy, Homoeopathy – Principles and Practice of Treatment, and Herbal Medicine for Colds and Flu. .  All of these courses are CPD accredited and come with a free certificate. Moreover, each course can be completed within a few hours.

Duration2-4 hours per course
Certification Yes


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Is homeopathy a good career option in India?

There are several homeopathy career opportunities for students. After completion of an online homeopathy course, a student can pursue the following career options.

Designation Salary Per Annum
PharmacistINR 2.6 lakh
General PhysicianINR  7.6 Lakh
Public Health SpecialistINR 6 lakh 
Homeopathic PractitionerINR 3.4 lakh
Research ScientistINR 8.2 lakh
Homeopathic SpecialistINR 3.6 lakh
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Can I do homeopathy course online?

Yes. Online homeopathy courses are available. Websites such as Coursera, Enlightenment Education, and Udemy offer homeopathy courses. However, most of these courses are paid.

Can I practice homeopathy without degree?

No. Homeopathy cannot be practiced without a degree. To practice homeopathy professionally, a person must obtain a  BHMS degree 

Is homeopathy doctor equal to MBBS?

No. A person with a BHMS degree can practice only as a homeopathic doctor. On the other hand, an MBBS degree is for those who want to practice allopathic medicine. 

Hope this blog provides you with all the important details. For more information about such courses, visit our online courses page.

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